34 years old Xi And mi second marriage pregnant again, 19 years old for Gao Xiaosong gave birth to a daughter, the current appearance level is praised new height handsome

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Recently, Xi and mi posted a dynamic on the social platform.In this post, she happily shared her current situation with everyone.She said she is now pregnant and that she is now going to be a mother of two.She posted a video showing her wearing a long black jacket over a black top.Looking polished and youthful in her off-white trousers, the 34-year-old actress remains in good shape, which has everything to do with her current career and love life.In the video, after sharing the good news with everyone, she introduced her current work by the way, and hoped that everyone could give her more support.Now she is busy in her own studio every day and has not stopped her career even though she is pregnant, so she can be said to be a strong woman of the era.Although she is 34 years old, she looks young with her short hair.And her delicate face once belied her age.In the video, she is still skinny, and although she says she is pregnant, her appearance is hard to see.Now her career is booming and she is keen to share her latest news with her friends on social media platforms.Recently, she shared a story on social media, saying that she was beaten up by a man while shopping in a supermarket.Referring to her own experience, she said she was very afraid. What makes people more helpless is that even though the police finally called the police, the police also said there was no way to solve the matter.She urged women to stay safe and avoid contact with such people.She is known for her marriage to Gao xiaosong, and her relationship with Gao started when she first auditioned for the show.She met Gao Xiaosong when she participated in the audition, but she was still young at that time, but because she liked Gao xiaosong very much, she followed Gao Xiaosong to study abroad at that time.After dating Gao, the two married, and at the age of 19, she gave birth to gao’s daughter.But did not expect such a paragraph of affection and did not last too long, in 13 years of time two people announced divorce, and she was to the daughter of custody.She now runs her own clothing line and lives alone with her daughter.Then she met her current husband.Many people, after seeing her current husband, said this is where she belongs.Her husband’s appearance level is relatively high, tall appearance of his facial features are relatively fair, many netizens said that compared to Gao xiaosong, he is really a new height of handsome.But in fact, for her, what she values more is the feeling of being together.She and her current husband have a good relationship and often share their love daily on social media.Now that she is pregnant with her second child, the relationship between the two is bound to grow over time.