A close contact in Guangzhou was confirmed during the quarantine period, which was in the same transmission chain as the previous two cases

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According to the wechat official account of “Healthy Guangdong” on February 17, a new local COVID-19 case was reported in Guangzhou between 0:00 and 24:00 on February 16, which was found in a controlled close-up screening.On the afternoon of February 17th, Chen Bin, member of the Leading Party Group and deputy director of the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, announced the situation of an additional confirmed case (mild) in guangzhou during the period of centralized quarantine at a press conference held by the Guangzhou Municipal Government information Office.This case, male, 30 years old, is the contact of the case announced on April 15.15 days, as the close contact closed loop transfer to the centralized isolation place isolation;On October 16, the nucleic acid test at the centralized quarantine site was initially positive, but the results were all positive after re-sampling by the municipal and district CENTERS for Disease Control and Prevention.According to epidemiological investigation, this case is in the same transmission chain as the first two cases of this epidemic.At present, the case has been transferred to The Eighth Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University for treatment in isolation. Based on the comprehensive clinical, imaging and laboratory test results, the medical treatment team diagnosed the case as a confirmed COVID-19 case (mild), and her condition is stable.Recently, guangzhou urban area prevention and control personnel overnight scheduling, in-depth investigation into the flow.As of 12 o ‘clock on February 17, 848 close contacts and 965 sub-close contacts have been screened in the city, all of which have been put under management and nucleic acid has been collected. The results were negative except for the positive case 2 announced on February 15 and the positive case announced today.Control measures such as giving “yellow codes” and sending reminder messages have been implemented for all key groups.No new key places.At present, many nucleic acid sampling sites in the city have sent more forces, added channels, delayed services, and orderly guide citizens in key areas to collect nucleic acid as soon as possible.By 12 o ‘clock on February 17, 112,153 nucleic acid samples had been taken from key areas of Tianhe, Huadu, Panyu and Nansha, all of which were negative.On February 15, Guangzhou reported two confirmed COVID-19 cases (mild) among exceptional visitors to Guangzhou: Case 1, female, 21 years old.On the morning of February 14th, I went to Nansha from other cities, took a car to Guangzhou Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital for nucleic acid sampling at about 9:00 PM on February 14th, and then checked into Hilton Happy Friends Hotel in Huadu District. The nucleic acid test report was initially positive at 8:30 PM on February 15th, and the results were all positive after re-sampling by the municipal and district CDC.Case 2: female, 23 years old.On the morning of February 14, the same case 1 arrived in Nansha from outer city, and then they traveled the same way in Guangzhou.It was found to be positive during the close connection process of case 1, and it was the colleague of case 1 coming to ear.