Advantages and benefits of studying in Belarus

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No matter fresh graduates or graduates from regular senior high schools, vocational high schools, technical secondary schools, junior colleges or universities, those who have qualified diplomas, are healthy in body and mind and aged 18-35 can apply to study in various state universities of Belarus.And don’t use all the language to express the basic.The application form for studying in Belarus is easy, and college graduates of ordinary senior high schools, vocational high schools and technical secondary schools must give their graduation certificates of ordinary senior high schools, vocational high schools and technical secondary schools and their academic transcripts (college entrance examination scores are ok).Undergraduate and junior college graduates must be given a diploma, degree certificate and transcript.Go to Belarus to study abroad need not all assets loan assures, also need not domestic annual income proof, need only every month on time pay groom cost is ok.As long as they give the declaration materials indeed, get the school invitation letter, the core to ensure 100% visa processing rate.The universities of Belarus have inherited the teaching resources of the former Soviet Union. The classroom teaching is meticulous, the teaching level is high, and the campus is beautiful.The universities of Belarus have made rapid progress by absorbing the work experience of world-class universities, and have established a large number of first-class universities with science, science and engineering as the core, and art as the specialty.Its former name is one of the four state universities of the former Soviet Union “Belarusian State University”, has become the largest university in Belarus, the incumbent president of the Belarusian State Education Vice minister as, the university once ranked 47th in the world, higher than in China’s Peking University, Tsinghua University.Belarusian higher vocational education bachelor degree European and American countries are recognized.The training cost and consumption level in Belarus are relatively low in all European regions, and the salaried families can afford it. The average annual training cost, housing rent and living expenses of trainees are more than 50,000 RMB or so.When Chinese students are employed, with the same educational level as technical majors, they have a significant market competitive advantage. They not only have a good understanding of China’s basic national conditions, but also are familiar with the public opinions of both countries and foreign countries, and can flexibly use a language of English.In addition, in recent years, China and the Netherlands associated rapid temperature, culture and art, between the two countries on international economic and trade cooperation is also often, in our country small and medium-sized companies in Ukraine and belarus resident enterprises rapid ascension, also need to solve the flexibility use German, insight into Ukraine and belarus cultural marketing talents.At the present stage, the employment of college students returning from Belarus mainly involves state civil servants, public relations departments of government departments, university teachers, scientific research institutes, state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and their own businesses.After the diplomatic relations between China and Belarus, the two countries can sign the Agreement on mutual Recognition of academic degrees and diplomas. All diplomas and bachelor’s degree certificates obtained by applying for registration and training in reliable universities or research institutions in Belarus will be recognized by China.The higher record of formal schooling of the country such as Belorussia, Ukraine and record of formal schooling also approbate in euramerican country country, and the educational record of formal schooling qualification certificate that can hold belorussia country to grant seeks a job to eurAmerican country country.The location of the People’s Republic of China can be said to be very advantageous, with Eu countries Hungary, Estonia and Armenia in the west, Russia in the south and Ukraine in the east.From here can join the EU countries can also go to Russia and other CIS countries, Shenzhen, Lanzhou to Belarus, the China-Europe railway has been put into use, known as the “European regional crossroads”.The above is a simple and detailed introduction of the advantages of studying in Belarus. The long historical background and economic development between China and Russia complement each other of course. Along with the rapid development trend of the Belt and Road, it indicates that the international Chinese human resources market is in urgent need of many excellent German talents.To learn more