Beijing winter Olympics: The opening ceremony was beautiful, Zhang Yimou was brilliant, the Chinese were romantic

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Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony have seen it, Zhang Yimou is too good!From the beginning of the solar term to the interpretation of poetry, from “the water of the Yellow River to the sky” to “Yanshan snow as big as the banquet”, from the little stars to the spark of fire, a pigeon can not be less!In order to be romantic, it has to be our Chinese!Around the story of “a snowflake”, Lao Mozi shows a unique Chinese aesthetic and romance. Netizens exclaims: Li Bai’s poem is true!As the representative of romantic poets, “poetic immortal” Li Bai is really romantic.Most of these romances come from Li Bai’s novel metaphors and magnificent imagination.Take the moon. What does the moon look like?”Hour does not know month, call for white jade plate.”White, show color;Jade, to describe the texture;Disk, represents the shape.In a word: absolutely!Take the moon for example. What does the moon look like?”The moon is shining in front of the bed. I think it’s frost on the ground.”Moonlight shone on the railings like frost on the ground.A “frost” word, both write the moonlight of the bright, also write the cold season, more write the heart of the desolate.Moving on to the moon, what does a moon look like?”Raise a glass to invite the moon, to the shadow into three.”Although I drink alone under the moon, I can have a threesome with the moon and its shadow.As Su Shi said, “With whom shall I sit?The bright moon breeze me.”In addition to the moon, there are many, many, such as: looking at lushan waterfall, “flying straight down three thousand feet, suspected is the Milky Way nine days.”Early departure to the White Emperor City, “on both sides of the ape crowed, the light boat has crossed the mountains.”When the duke of other east Lu, “and put the white deer green cliff, must ride to visit the famous mountain.”I think the reason we like Li Bai so much probably stems in large part from the inherent romance of the Chinese people, and li Bai describes this romance in his poems.Back at the Beijing Winter Olympics, Zhang Yimou, inspired by Li Bai’s poem “Yanshan snow is as big as a sheet”, takes us to the future with a snowflake, fully demonstrating the values and cultural confidence of modern China.From a drop of ink to the water from the lake to a piece of ice from a block of ice to a piece of snow from the snow to a fire from the fire to a heart that is Chinese romantic this is the pattern of Chinese text/red chamber dream | add attention, don’t get lost!