Cats drink milk to cause this consequence, it shed hair in these two seasons, do not be careless again

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Many cats are taken home when they are still young. At this time, we face a very substantial problem, that is, what should such a small cat eat to supplement the body?To tell the truth, there are a lot of excrement officers will be the first to think of milk, we actually feel that drinking milk is very good for the body, no matter the elderly or children drink it is very good, the cat drink is no problem.In fact, this is very wrong!!Milk is more nutritious for people, people’s intestines and stomach is more able to accept the nutritional elements in milk, also can successfully decompose it to supply the body to absorb these nutrients.So milk has no effect on people’s intestines and stomach.Of course, when we do not eat, it is not recommended to drink milk directly, more or less will stimulate the stomach a little.But this milk, which looks very nutritious to us, is not very suitable for cats to drink.Especially those smaller cats, do not give them to drink milk, originally the stomach is very fragile, in addition to the arrival of milk, will aggravate the cat gastrointestinal discomfort, it is not good for its health.In fact, most cats will have diarrhea after drinking milk, or vomiting and diarrhea;Those with more bad stomach will also have a very bloated stomach, easy to have gas, and stomach pain.In fact, this also aggravates the discomfort of the cat’s intestines and stomach, which is not good enough to become more fragile than before.They are also more likely to suffer from various intestinal diseases, such as gastroenteritis.We have all had the experience of gastroenteritis, that kind of acid cool really can’t stand, let alone cats.Especially when a cat leaves its mother’s milk, the lactase in its body will gradually decrease.As a cat gets older, there will be less of that enzyme in her body;If a cat is given milk, the milk it drinks into its stomach will ferment bit by bit, and the fermented material will turn into bacteria.This in the cat’s stomach can seriously affect its entire digestive system, which is what you sometimes see in cats with indigestion, which is actually lactose intolerant.For your cat’s nutritional supplement, try eating thick Pat cat food. Cat food is specially for cats, and it’s definitely made for cats.Eating for a long time will also have a protection for the body, which is easier to improve the cat’s resistance.What’s more, in addition to protecting the intestines and stomach, this cat food avoids being stimulated and pulls soft stool;It also protects the fur of the outside cat, and this is where the fish oil comes in.Cats also have a time when they shed a lot of hair.Cats shed most of their fur in the spring, from March to May, and more in the fall, from September to November.In fact, the cat is also “changing clothes”, shed old hair to grow new hair, which is a normal situation for every cat.When she is a young kitten, she starts her first moult at four to six months.Have to say that in addition to these normal physiological conditions of hair, but also a lot of time is the cat endocrine is not good hair serious, or malnutrition ah, ah parasites and so on;Or they have all kinds of skin diseases.This will cause the cat to shed a lot.If be pure malnourishment, can eat the cat food that contains fish oil a few more, also can eat a few fish fish, chicken etc. inside these meat additionally to it is very protect cat hair, had nourishing effect.If only a small part of your cat’s hair is lost, it is recommended to take it to the hospital.