Changchun steam open area this kindergarten children do not want to go, the truth is exposed

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Dongfeng Hehang experimental school and “big action”!!23, THE bank sent a backbone team in place, Dongfeng, THE Bank seamless docking.Xiaobian interview was able to enter the beautiful campus of East Wind.And xiaobian learned that in the yard of dongfeng school, there is also a mysterious army, that is, the kindergarten.This is not, 26, dongfeng Hehang experimental school and “big action”, Hehang experimental kindergarten parents Open Day!Let xiaobian take you to the scene to visit it.Early in the morning, parents with their babies at home came to the school gate, ready to enter the school.Parents visit the site, dongfeng Hechang experimental school kindergarten teachers to introduce the specific situation of the kindergarten to parents.Small make up on the spot interviews to think is to visit the kindergarten parents ms zhao, ms zhao to show small make up for that oneself live near in dongfeng HeXing experimental school, two children in the home, the eldest in dongfeng HeXing experimental school second grade, so the younger son also decided to let the child in dongfeng HeXing experimental kindergarten, the younger son this year all in the home,Dongfeng Hehang experimental kindergarten is chosen because the school is near home. It is also a little bit looking at the school getting better and better. Both the campus environment and the faculty are very relieved, coupled with the cooperation between Dongfeng and Hehang, the children are very relieved to study in this school as parents.The second is that the youngest son in dongfeng Hehang experimental kindergarten can directly study in dongfeng Hehang experimental school first grade, two children are in the same school, save time and effort.”At the same time, xiaobian saw a mother after watching the kindergarten, urging her baby daughter to leave, but the child said nothing, “it is too fun here, let’s play for a while.”The children are not born, adults listen to the teacher introduced kindergarten kung fu, and another little girl “blend in”, play together.Then xiaobian had the honor to interview Dongfeng Hehang Experimental school kindergarten principal Gao Qi, Gao Principal introduced to xiaobian:”Dongfeng kindergarten HeXing experimental school is a public kindergarten, we in line with” treating children with love in my warm heart, a smile, “the purpose of, interpretation of the true meaning of education of love, we have set for children science, innovation and rich one day, the life and the combination of education, for children to think, imagine and create space, and pay attention to the communication with parents,Form interactive characteristics of the home to achieve a win-win situation.Attached to Dongfeng Hehang Experimental School, we have many convenient conditions, such as a large gymnasium as an activity venue, rich educational resources for us to learn, excellent teachers to learn from each other, we firmly believe that the starting point here is different.”Kindergarten environment: The kindergarten environment of Dongfeng Hehang Experimental School is established in strict accordance with the healthy growth of children.Clean and elegant indoor environment, daily disinfection.The indoor environment design is carefully designed according to different age groups of children, and teachers make and hand-draw them.There are safe and suitable large toys for children, and spacious outdoor activities to ensure children’s outdoor physical exercise.Curriculum system: The kindergarten of Dongfeng Hehang Experimental School is mainly based on the textbooks compiled by the province to promote the balanced development of children in art, language, mathematics, music, sports and other aspects.At the same time, kindergarten-based courses will be carried out — reading ancient poems, children’s songs and children’s picture books during morning activities to cultivate children’s love for Chinese classics and inheritance of Chinese culture.Carry out regional game activities every day, children can explore independently in the game, “play in school, play in school”, and harvest the fun of children’s personalized growth.Teachers: Dongfeng Hehang Experimental school kindergarten teacher team sound, with a number of high-quality professional preschool teachers, not only to the children in all aspects of training, but also focus on standardized knowledge teaching, better do a good job of young and young education, for the primary school to lay a solid foundation.Dongfeng Hehang Experimental School kindergarten is located in dongfeng Street and third road intersection of Dongfeng Hehang experimental school on the first floor, is a high quality public kindergarten.It is planned to be built in March 2021, and is expected to open in March 2022. There are professional teachers, spacious and comfortable environment, and formal teaching mode. Here, children learn to love, learn to be brave, know how to unite and cooperate, civilized wisdom and courtesy, thinking innovation and development, and their abilities in all aspects are constantly improved.Welcome parents, children to join this warm and loving family!Primary class: September 1, 2017 — August 31, 2018 Middle class: September 1, 2016 — August 31, 2017 Primary class: September 1, 2015 — August 31, 2016 Autumn forecast Enrollment Requirements Primary class:September 1, 2018 — August 31, 2019 Middle class: September 1, 2017 — August 31, 2018 Senior Class: September 1, 2016 — August 31, 2017 Enrollment requirements: Physical and mental health of school-age children fee standard: management fee 600 YUAN/month food fee 15 months/dayDecember 18686621308 registration qr code: photos | mushroom | coordinating editor | December