Description of scenery on the way to school

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The scenery on the way to school is described as follows: In the sun shining, we happily walk on the way to school.The sky was blue and clean as if it had been washed.On both sides of the road full of osmanthus trees, osmanthus trees green leaves, in the sunshine of the mapping, full of vitality.Osmanthus trees hung with a string of small osmanthus, like the stars in the sky, sparkling.Looking closely, we can see that osmanthus flowers are made up of four oval petals.The most fascinating is the fragrance of osmanthus fragrans. Although osmanthus fragrans are small, their fragrance is charming and fragrant, making people relaxed and happy.The birds came to meet the fragrance of flowers and built nests on the osmanthus trees, “living and working in peace and contentment”.Of course, the industrious little bees in this situation, is not absent.They are around the osmanthus beside, hard to gather honey.The passage describes the scenery in a certain place.The scenery on the way to school is very beautiful.After reading the title, we can think of the scenery on both sides of the road when we usually go to school.Just write it out.Such as: some students on the way to school there is a river, so you can the river, the scene inside the river, the scene next to the river can be described.Or, some students go to school on the road there are osmanthus trees, then the relevant content of osmanthus trees can be described.