Dong Mingzhu’s double life: worth 6.5 billion, refused to give her son a cent

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1984, Nanjing.A 30-year-old woman who had just gone through the death of her husband.With a two-year-old child and 100,000 yuan in external debt.Under such circumstances, most people would choose to find a man and start a family.But this woman, resolutely gave up the work of the institution, chose to go out to struggle, she vowed to create their own world!She decided to go to Shenzhen and then zhuhai.In 15 years, she grew from a salesman to gree’s general manager.Under her leadership, Gree Electric Appliances ranked first in air conditioner production and sales, sales revenue and market share in China for 11 consecutive years from 1995 to 2005.Her halo is also more and more, “the world’s top 10 most influential Chinese women entrepreneurs”, “the world’s top 50 Business Women”.She is Dong Mingzhu, a legendary woman.In August 1954, a loud cry broke the silence of the old Dong family in Nanjing.The seventh child of the Dong family was born. The little girl was regarded as the pearl on the palm of her eyes as soon as she was born, so her parents named her Dong Mingzhu.But her parents never imagined that this little girl would become the head of the famous Gree Electric Appliance company.Because Dong’s homework is very good, outstanding grades, her parents are not too strict requirements for her.But when she got to junior high, her image as a good student collapsed.When she was in junior high, she wanted to learn swimming and cycling, but her parents objected, both because they were too hard up and because they were too dangerous.As dong is in a rebellious period, his attitude is very firm.The parents had to give in.But her first experience was not a good one. She followed her teacher to a pond and was given a bamboo pole to stand on.The teacher took a demonstration swim in the water.But maybe she was so focused, she fell into the pond.She was in a panic. She was afraid of drowning. She shouted for help, but the more she worried, the more she sank.At one point she thought she would drown and never see her parents again.But the coach soon rescued her, and after the accident, her friends thought it was impossible for her to come back.But the next day, as usual, she went to the pond to report to her teacher.Even the teacher felt strange this time, asked her why to come, she choked the neck said, she does not want to give up halfway, she must overcome the fear of water psychology.She didn’t tell her parents that she was drowning because she was afraid they wouldn’t let her learn how to swim.The next day, she secretly vowed to herself, must learn to swim as soon as possible, let others see their courage and strength.In a few days, with a strong will, she learned to swim.From then on, she thought about how to deal with the problem directly instead of bypassing it.It is the same with learning bicycle. Although she fell down dozens or hundreds of times, she was never afraid of pain. As long as she still had physical strength, she would get up and continue to practice.One day, while her parents were away, she rode her bike to practice.Unexpectedly, the face of a bus drove over.She was so frightened that she forgot to apply the brakes and fell backward, landing heavily on the ground.Fortunately, the bus hit its brakes just in time and stopped a few meters away from her.Instead of being too scared to ride her bike, she reflected on why she had panicked and couldn’t remember anything at the time.Then the next day continue to grasp the nettle, find a safe place to continue to practice, has been practicing until proficient.When she mentioned these things, she always said, “FOR things that failed, I will try again, I will turn failure into success.”Sudden encounter misfortune, too late after sad Dong Mingzhu walked her traitorous adolescence, walk into duty field as usual, marry to have a child.At that time, she was working at a chemical engineering research institute in Nanjing. Although her usual job was boring, the arrival of dongdong, the child she and her husband loved, added a lot of fun to their ordinary family life.If nothing changes, Maybe Dong Mingzhu will live a dull and happy life like most people.When Dongdong was two years old, a sudden serious illness took her husband’s life.The whole family is immersed in grief immediately, but leave dong Mingzhu sad time is not much however, the pillar in the home fell, she has to bear a burden.During that period of time Dong Mingzhu is living in the bitter water, her salary for the lean days is really a drop in the ocean, let alone owed 100 thousand foreign debt.She thought long and hard about the necessity of a change in her life. After six years of thinking about it, she felt that she must go outside.Because of her husband’s sudden death let her understand a truth, rely on who are not as good as their own, she and dongdong need money.The family persuades a few times fruitless, had to reluctantly agreed dong Mingzhu’s idea.With the conviction that she had no regrets, she entrusted Dongdong to her family and decided to go south.That year, Dong Mingzhu was 36 years old.Go to a meeting alone, the Dong Mingzhu that nirvana is reborn already had and 30 years is carrying only savings and dream, invest in tide of business sea.Her first stop was Shenzhen, where she found the speed quite out of her rhythm. Later, she moved to the quiet city of Zhuhai, where she believed she could find her niche.Under good luck coincidence, Dong Mingzhu discovers there is a place to call haili air conditioning plant (gree predecessor) the enterprise moves clerk, commission is quite high, decide to try.When she first came to Gree, Dong Mingzhu worked as the most basic salesman. She followed her master to Beijing and northeast China and ran around a lot, seeing the market and learning experience.But all of this has not had time to digest, she received a superior order, said anhui market has an urgent task.Dong Mingzhu did not expect that the task is to let her a new person to account.What Dong Mingzhu faces at that time is an old hand that drags zhang, she chooses simple direct, visit.Dong Mingzhu saw the company’s boss, hand over his business card, the other side opened the mouth first, said with Gree do business, but he did not know Dong Mingzhu.Dong Mingzhu said, originally responsible for the docking of the people go, she first arrived, for the sake of bilateral cooperation, hope to reconcile the debts in front of the settlement, but also for the future of cooperation to open a good head.The other party stiffly say: “to what account, I sell somebody else millions of millions of product pressure in the storeroom, also no one dare say want to check an account, see you also a novice, have done business before?I tell you, that’s what business is all about. You sell a lot of goods for me, AND I pay you. It’s as simple as that.Dong Mingzhu encounters so rascal person for the first time, not only do not pay, incredibly even return money all refuse.After this, Dong Mingzhu went to his company every day to urge him to return goods, but this boss is really laolailai, blink of an eye a month passed, or did not succeed to return goods.After the National Day, Dong Mingzhu began to urge the life of accounts every day again, but this time she had done all the preparation, she hired a good vehicle in advance, save the other side to shirk without a car.Unexpectedly, the other party’s excuse this time was more, saying that the employees of the company did not agree to return the goods, so he, as the boss, must first do their ideological work.His repeated evasive attitude irritated Dong Mingzhu, who was immediately fired up three zhangs, “Are you the general manager?What’s wrong with the return you told me to my face?From now on, I’ll follow you wherever you go. Unlike you, I always keep my word. We’ll see if you don’t believe me!”Dong Mingzhu put malicious words, also calculate this more than a month of pressure are released.Dong Mingzhu’s fierce frighten the boss surnamed niu, he had to say: “line line, calculate you fierce, tomorrow return money to you.”The next day, Dong mingzhu called a five-ton Dongfeng truck and pulled Hailey’s air conditioner from Niu Boss’s warehouse.Wait until loading good goods, start the car, Dong Mingzhu sat on the co-pilot later, just relieved.She shouted at the boss: From now on, I won’t do business with you any more.The car left the factory gate, Dong Mingzhu burst into tears.After this was done, it caused a lot of attention from the leadership.Later, Dong Mingzhu gradually opened the anhui market by her own efforts and sincere communication, good after-sales service, and help customers to solve problems.In 1992, gree’s sales in Anhui market exceeded 16 million yuan, accounting for 1/8 of the company’s total sales.And at this time Dong Mingzhu and Gree factory director Zhu Jianghong only seen at the meeting, Zhu Jianghong saw dong Mingzhu’s performance, decided to see her.In the autumn of 1992, Zhu jianghong and Dong Mingzhu went to Nanjing by car together.Dong Mingzhu at this time although the performance is amazing, but still calculate new, if not see with one’s own eyes, who will not believe that she has such a result.Zhu Jianghong is discovered gradually in contact, Dong Mingzhu is not sales veteran really, but this makes him more surprised instead.Slowly, he found that Dong Mingzhu’s potential is huge, she is different from the goal of the general sales staff, she does not look at their own interests, but to maximize the interests of the company.Two people have had a short conversation before, Zhu Jianghong’s impression of her is good, think it is a good sale.This time with the car, she once again let Zhu Jianghong sit up and take notice, on the train, she told Zhu Jianghong about their sales experience, won the heart of the director of zhu.It was not until the train arrived that they had to make an appointment to see each other again.High mountain and flowing water seek bosom friend, listen to dong Mingzhu’s idea, Zhu Jianghong suddenly gives birth to the feeling of bosom friend, he does not know the world unexpectedly someone is so attuned to his idea.Jinfeng Yulu a meet, they win but countless world!This sentence does not only describe the feelings between men and women, there really will be a friendship called the same frequency resonance, interlinked with the heart!Zhu Jianghong gave Dong Mingzhu a lot of space in the future work, so that she can show her skills, not bound.Many people say that Zhu Jianghong is dong Mingzhu’s bole, but from another point of view, dong Mingzhu is not zhu Jianghong’s bole?Since then, Dong Mingzhu and Zhu Jianghong have become good partners, because both of them really want to make Gree strong.On July 20, 2013, Dong Mingzhu was invited to the lecture.When opening, host Sa Beining introduces Dong Mingzhu, used a “ruthless” word to describe.She is not only ruthless to others, ruthless to himself, ruthless to his family, he also quoted the story of the spring Journey to the West in the appearance of thirteen niang lines, peach blossom over, grass is not born to describe.In the summer of 1995, during the peak sales season, Gree’s air-conditioners were in short supply and dealers from all over came to grab them.A knowledgeable dealer in Wuhan approached Dong mingzhu’s brother directly and offered him a 2 percent commission to help pick up a shipment.It’s not a big deal, though. It’s a good way to sell goods and make some extra money. Why not?But some people are axes, when the elder brother called Dong Mingzhu, Dong Mingzhu only said a few words “you do not come over”, and hung up the phone.Then he cursed the dealer and cut him off.My brother could not bear such indifference and wrote her a dear John letter.The two did not speak again for the next 20 years.In 2015, Dong Mingzhu went to visit her brother who was ill in bed. Dong Mingzhu held her hand and said, “I finally understand you. You have paid too much these years.Compared with uncle, Dong Mingzhu’s son appears atmospheric much.When Dong Graduated from Dongdong University, She asked him seriously, “What do you want to do in the future? Mom can give you some support.”But the son resolutely refused her: “Mom, you can start from zero, SO can I.”As a real rich second generation, Dongdong is no different from ordinary children. He finds a job by himself, rents a house by himself, earns 5,000 yuan a month, loves and focuses on his work as a lawyer.He once said that those who live on blood rather than 5,000 yuan a month are the worst losers.Dong Mingzhu treat relatives never compromise, but she is particularly close to the staff.Like the story many people know, Dong Mingzhu made it a rule not to eat in the office.In one case, she saw an employee eating in seconds before the end of the workday and fined him 100.You know, the family of the punished employee was very difficult, and at that time only 800,100 per month was a large number, but dong mingzhu did not hesitate to carry out the rules on the spot.But what we do not know is, after work, Dong Mingzhu took out 100 to him from his pocket, and told him that the fine is to punish you for violations, this 100 is because of your family difficulties to your extra subsidies.Also, what’s the best benefit for employees?A house to live in, of course!In May 2018, Dong promised gree employees an apartment per person.More than 3,000 dormitories were initially built in 2020 near the headquarters of Gree Electric Appliances in Zhuhai, with two bedrooms and one living room.In 2020, in order to explore the way for dealers, she went on the road of live with goods, the live broadcast down, the turnover repeatedly record high.Dong’s third live broadcast on on the night of May 15 attracted 7.33 million viewers.According to data released by Gree Electric Appliances, the transaction volume of the night exceeded 703 million yuan, setting a record for the highest transaction volume of live goods in China’s home appliance industry.Dong Mingzhu with their tenacity and perseverance out of a road that others can not copy.But her greater contribution was to provide an example of a woman who didn’t have to be in the kitchen, in the hall, around her husband and children, and who didn’t care what men thought of her.She can show her talent and wisdom to the top of her head, not empty with any man on the same stage, become a legend in a field, live up to their expectations!* Note: some pictures in this article come from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete.Click on the upper right corner “follow”, take you into the celebrity emotional story, see all life, illuminate the journey of the heart.Welcome readers to contribute to join the circle of writing realisation.