Fake and inferior products 1

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There are fake and inferior products everywhere.People also have gray goods.Heaven immortals also have a feeling and hair lane grey-market goods.It doesn’t rain.Moonlight with the water red.It’s either here or there.Or you could be alone.Shut sound also say lie you want male.The jade Emperor is in charge of injustice.And now he’s thinking about turning a blind eye.He didn’t know about earthquakes, said the volcano.The Queen Mother played tricks.The front door lets the land god go.Slip out the back door seven fairies.In the hall only sweep the star, here knock.There Mo mo, accidentally knocked over the jade Emperor hall table.Things on the table are scattered all over the floor, and the broom picks them up quickly, but still drops a lot of things.I do not know the drought on the earth, people and seven of the eight snatch gourd gourd gourd gourd, wind ear ear imitation into a mobile phone, clairy-eyed eyes imitation into an astronomical mirror!Call tokens are like cards;Startled wood imitation became mahjong, after the queen mother knows “powder Yan great anger, hurriedly sent di transceiver.Soldiers room, looking for the lost things, called into the space army day will have had the mundane world view around all the mind, after the earth god himself, at the head of a revolution of the earth, into the underground, don’t want to be seen in the head anymore, empty lonely, from time to time to slip into the ground to steal regard, actually saw the people in their own yard before set up land don,There is also a clay sculpture of his own image, not only eat a – surprised, HOW do I know the earth?On second – think again, why the need for it, let them in front of the fake my body sculpture on their empty soul, hand-woven cloth descent from the world in search of the queen mother put on refers to eliminate evil magic ring, evening I don’t know have to forge the human to wear the ring on the hand, the magic ring for forged lost the original magic world, also altogether into every product, heavy penalties they afraid of the queen mother,Was secretly married to yong dong want to do husband and wife for a long time on earth, only to be heavenly queen know water was sent to do on the other side of the heaven and earth, mountains and rivers, six fairy play enough room, remembered that the heavenly queen to her mission, but it is too late, then hurried back to the palace outreach, heavenly queen provoke white into space in the cold cold palace, do forever guard cold cold palace jade fish,Five fairy mother empress as a crackdown on rabbit for 7, five fairy to find her mother used to suppress the evil ring, suffered all kinds of hardships, yao has also find magic rings, then back to the palace outreach, heavenly queen see five fairy also don’t have to complete the task, but to the best of its force, and was relieved from the heavy fines, let its color has to weaving room room never embroidery finished colorful variety of rainbow,The world to see colorful female woven rainbow solid look, then play up the shoddy, paint here, there touch color, make people are all color blind, four fairies, unfinished to be continued