Go fearless, come back safe!Anhui Fuyang Taihe County People’s Hospital three tower branch of the epidemic warriors returned home in triumph

2022-04-18 0 By

White armor, hero triumphal return;Go against the tide, no pains.On the afternoon of April 7, 2022, after seven days of all-out efforts, eight medical personnel from the “Aid and Pacific” Youth Commando team of the Santa Branch of Taihe County People’s Hospital in Fuyang city, Anhui Province, successfully completed the “aid and Pacific” mission against the virus, regardless of their own safety, racing against time.At 4 o ‘clock on April 7, leaders of Santa Town, police station staff and health center leaders met at santaka point at the intersection of Yuanzhuang, to pay tribute to the most beautiful “aid tai” anti-epidemic warriors.At the Santa town government compound, waiting staff offered flowers to the fight against the virus.At the welcoming ceremony, Zhang Zhao, secretary of the Party Committee of Santa Town, visited eight “aid Pacific” fighting warriors and delivered a speech.Santa town people’s government awarded “aid Pacific” anti-epidemic commandos 8 medical staff “the most beautiful angels in white” honorary title.On March 31, taihe county city outbreak, on April 1 morning, three towers taihe county people’s hospital branch received notice that school attaches great importance to the party and government leadership, rapid transfer of eight business backbone, with a high degree of political consciousness, “ignore” dangerous, “disease” without look back to taihe county people’s hospital, listen to outbreak of taihe county command scheduling,Under the command of taihe County People’s Hospital, nucleic acid testing, specimen collection and medical waste transfer have been carried out respectively.They strictly abide by the discipline, are skilled, provide careful and patient services, and are serious and responsible. They have won the recognition of community staff and highly recognized by the public. They have successfully completed 4 rounds of nucleic acid collection tasks, 5 rounds of specimen collection and medical waste transfer.The three tower town “aid the Pacific” medical team for taihe county people’s hospital three tower branch of the department of the business backbone, party members take the lead, age structure from 70 to 80, is an experienced enough, business team.The kiss marks of the mask, the sweat under the protective screen, the white fingers soaked in rubber gloves, the affectionate dialogue with children in the video, and the high-fiving of comrades in arms…This is the most lovely person in the new era!(Contributed by Pan Shupei, Wu Lai-li and Liu Qin)