In 2022, the rain is coming, and the beautiful spring scenery in my shot is for you

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Tomorrow will usher in the year of the Tiger, the second solar term of spring – rain.Zhejiang is wet and cold this period of time, is really worthy of the name of the rainy season.Not only did it rain and snow during this period, but the temperature was also low, all in single digits.In the circle of friends, everyone joked that they had survived the winter but had to freeze in the spring.The beginning of spring, rain.Du Fu has a poem: “Good rain knows the season, when spring is happening.The wind sneaks into the night, moistens things silently.”Rain water is the second solar term in the 24 solar terms.At this point, everything germinating, vegetation are spring.Temperatures have risen, snow and ice have melted, and precipitation has dominated.Spring breeze is warm, spring rain is warm, but the warm and cold season in early spring, the rain seems a little cold.Look at the weather forecast. It will not clear up until the end of the month. When the sun comes out, the temperature will also rise.After the spring rain moist grass, more green, after the spring rain watered the flowers, more delicate and charming, facing the spring breeze, drenching the spring rain, walking in such a spring, is also comfortable, relaxed!Especially after the rain or light rain in the spring, go to nature to breathe the breath of spring, let a person relaxed and happy.The spring flowers in the rain are more fresh, and the spring scenery in the rain is more hazy and poetic!No matter be shangyu Dingzhai peach garden delicate and charming peach blossom, or white horse lake side of the boat, are writing the moist spring rain, the poetry of spring!But if in the warm spring, gentle spring rain, I am still willing to capture the poetic and hazy beauty of spring rain.At the beginning of the opening of the peach blossom, in the rain moist appears full and beautiful.The peach garden in Ding Zhai is fresher after rain, and you will especially enjoy the pastoral spring scenery.White horse lake peach accompanied by the boat, is a leisurely pastoral scenery in spring.After the rain, plum flowers look more white and clear.May the rhythm of rain wash away unhappy and troubles.Spring breeze blowing petal rain, make your spring full of poetry and beauty.Original text, declined handling!Like to pay attention to me!