Lakers 3 news!Davis is coming back, Vogel is stable, westbrook is afraid to trade

2022-04-18 0 By

The lakers, whose record hovers around.500, will head to the Nets next game against a lone star in Harden, an injured Durant and a home game without Kyrie Irving.In the game, the Lakers also came 3 news, Davis is about to return, the probability of playing against the nets;Vogel’s position is still stable, but westbrook’s life seems not so good, trade rumors are mounting.Davis has been sidelined since suffering a sprained MEDIAL collateral ligament in his left knee against Minnesota on Dec. 18.After this period of rest, Davis injury finally recovered, the last game was put in doubt, did not choose to return.And in this injury report, Davis upgraded to the probability of playing, 75% of the probability of playing, basically can be sure to return.With Davis back, the lakers will have some relief inside, averaging 23.3 points, 9.9 rebounds and two blocks per game this season.The lakers have been in the doldrums, head coach Chuck Vogel has been having a tough time, and there have been more and more calls for his resignation recently.But ESPN’s Dave McMenamin reports vogel will coach the Lakers this season.That said, the lakers have no plans to replace their coach, and unless the lakers fall out of the playoffs, they won’t fire him.Vogel is still searching for the best lineup mix, and when Davis and Nunn return, he can decide on a major framework.In addition to Vogel, Westbrook has come under a lot of criticism, and there have been a lot of trade rumors in free agency, the main one being to send him to the rockets in exchange for Wall.For this deal, at the beginning or not quite understand, is completely from one big bet to another big bet.What people forget is that Wall’s agent is also Rich Paul, who is very familiar with Wall’s physical condition, which will certainly be on the lakers’ negotiating table.Wall, who hasn’t played in a game this season and has been on the bench, wasn’t injured but agreed with the Rockets not to play again.Both have two years left on their contracts, the second of which is a player option, and each is worth more than $40 million.In response to the rumors, Rockets reporter Kelly Iko said the Lakers would have to offer something radical to make a deal, such as a ’27 first-round pick or a third party.