Manchester City lead Liverpool by 12 points

2022-04-18 0 By

On February 13, Beijing time, the 2021-22 English Premier League 25th round of five games contested.Manchester City thrashed Norwich City 4-0, Brentford drew 0-0 at home to Crystal Palace, Brighton hove beat Watford 2-0, Everton beat Leeds United 3-0 and Southampton drew Manchester United 1-1.United returned home last night to a red-hot Southampton side and almost replicated the pattern of points dropped in their last game.After Cristiano Ronaldo missed a great opportunity seven minutes into the game, United opened the scoring 1-0 in the 20th minute with rashford racing into the right of the penalty area and sancho following up with an open goal.Southampton after violent backlash, at Manchester united side also firmly hold, just as easily, and play while you fight the opening two minutes, their defence is lost, Southampton, launch a fast counter-attack, el yunus is west the left dash out subtle inclined plug, follow up half a single-pole Adams cut corner, the ball hit the post medial bounces on the net, Southampton 1-1 equaliser.Both sides then had chances but failed to take them as United won and drew 1-1 at Southampton.City, whose 12-game winning streak was brought to an end by Southampton in the first two games of the season, looked solid against relegation strugglesnorwich City in the early hours of this morning.In the 4th minute, Dias sent a precise long ball over the top from the Central Line. Mahrez dismounted the ball at the right side of the penalty area and made it. The back row of Seat B followed up and stopped the ball, shook away the defenders and shot hard.In the 30th minute, Manchester City opened the scoring 1-0 when Walker ran the ball down the right and crossed the ball. The ball was missed by the crowd in front. Sterling swung the ball down the back of the left and shot into the far corner of the net.Just two minutes into the game, Manchester City took a 2-0 lead when Sterling set up a neat play on the left side of the field, and then foden swept the ball into the net.Sterling often plays happy football, but today he is very steady, in the 69th minute, City on the right corner of the opportunity, after a tactical play, foden on the corner of the penalty area, the back row of dias with a header, Sterling easily headed into the open net twice, City 3-0 lead.Sterling scored a hat-trick in the 88th minute as Manchester City beat Norwich city 4-0 to start their winning streak again.On the table, Manchester City put the pressure on Liverpool again after winning their second straight game to secure a 12-point lead at the top.In all four categories, United once again won and drew, finishing one point above Arsenal with two games more and trailing West Ham on goal difference, only to move up one place to fifth.Salah is the top scorer with 16 goals, while Jota remains second with 12.Raheem Sterling became the third player to score double figures in the Premier League this season with a hat-trick today, giving City another player to break into the top 10.Cristiano Ronaldo suffered a goal shortage, or with Manet et al 8 goals tied for the sixth place.