No one in the United States had paid attention to the Korean War, but when the Battle of Jangjin-Ho broke out, the public was boiling

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For our country, the outbreak of the Korean war is a real contest with the imperialist number one power.The outcome is anyone’s guess.For the US army, it was just a military tour.Whether The Chinese army joins or not does not affect the STRATEGIC advancement of the US army, and the final outcome is not expected by either side.At first, the U.S. army did not care about it. The crazy attack on Changjin Lake and the panic of the domestic people made the U.S. army really face up to this new adversary.And I began to realize my true failures since World War II.It is still defeated by a country that lags behind it in all aspects of hard power, which also makes the US military always afraid of the prestige of the Chinese army.The first head-on confrontation between China and the United States was the war on the Korean Peninsula.The war was originally an internal ethnic issue on the Korean Peninsula, but it was complicated by the intervention of the US military.It also changed the nature of the war and became the forefront of the bipolar pattern confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union.The Korean Peninsula is divided along the 38th Parallel into the North and South.Because Kim Jong Il’s regime wanted to take over Korea, it began to wage war against Rhee Syngman’s regime in South Korea.They will soon defeat the South Korean frontline troops and quickly advance the front lines, with a tendency to unify the whole Korean peninsula.On the verge of unification, they faced a blow from America.Landing at Inchon to cut off the North Korean army.It was eventually routed and pushed into the Yalu River by American forces.Facing an existential crisis, the new Korean regime had to seek help from the Soviet Union and China to resist the U.S. military’s destruction of the country.The REASON why the United States intervened and gave north Korea a severe blow, also has his realistic consideration.As a division of sphere of influence after World War II, the posture between the United States and the Soviet Union around Asia was infiltration confrontation at the border of the Soviet Union.To stop Soviet expansion in Asia.This is true of China and North Korea, but attempts to rule China across the river have failed.Only Taiwan is being used to confront the mainland.But the Korean Peninsula was successfully divided into two, a tacit artificial division between the United States and the Soviet Union.However, the regime on the Korean Peninsula did not want to be divided and started a war for reunification, which caused threats and provocations to the U.S. Asia-Pacific strategy.In order to deter north Korea Kim Il Sung’s actions, as well as the Soviet Union to test, began to large-scale warning troops, to test the Bottom line of the Soviet Union.It is also a deterrent to its military superiority in the Asia-pacific.To assert the authority of American military power in the Asia-pacific region.There are also actions that threaten our country.When the U.S. army advanced with great strides and routed the Korean army, it never occurred to me that the Chinese army stepped in and quickly attacked the advancing troops of the U.S. army.It then began a second offensive of its own, pitting Chinese and American forces against each other around Chosin Lake.Not only to stabilize the Korean front, but also to begin to recover north Korea’s lost territory.Faced with the Onslaught of Chinese volunteers, the U.S. army did not realize the seriousness of the problem.China had warned long before the invasion.Once the AMERICANS step out of the red line, volunteer action cannot be ruled out.However, senior U.S. military officials did not take this action to heart, believing that China was just talking about it.Even if China intervenes, it will not change the industrial advantage of the US military, which will advance mechanically with its own logistics support and firepower attack.The Chinese military’s backward weapons and logistical gaps make it difficult to compete with American forces.Early failures are simply a matter of not being prepared properly and not taking them too seriously.The conflict was not big enough to take the United States seriously or cause waves at home.The American people took it as a march and did not take it seriously.The contest between China and the United States only requires the U.S. military to waste a little more time, and has not yet risen to the level of war with the Soviet Union.Third, the Battle of Changjin-Lake, to let the Americans really understand the combat effectiveness of The Chinese volunteers is only such a mistake and contempt, will lead to very serious consequences.It was the battle of Chosin Lake, the second phase of the operation, in which the first American Army division was besieged.Even facing the danger of being wiped out, this gave the American military leadership and the American government a serious blow in the face.Also finally realized the seriousness of the problem, began to focus on the rescue of the honor of the first division.The 1st Army Division is a symbol of America’s elite, not just a king’s army, but a flag of faith and strength.It’s very spiritual in terms of what America means.It is also a victorious force.Through the founding of the war, World War I, World War II, have made outstanding achievements.He didn’t expect to be besieged by volunteers on the Korean Peninsula.Any loss would be a serious blow to American forces.Therefore, not only the U.S. government panic, even the people are surprised and confused, and even extreme panic and demonstrations, pressure government rescue action.The United States also began to rescue, super saturation artillery strikes.It even warned of a nuclear threat, but it did not solve the problem.Instead, one of its elite regiments was annihilated by our troops, only because of cold weather and logistical pressures, which allowed the Americans to break through the siege.Did not cause the total annihilation of the first Division of the American army intention, but also gave the American army a deep impression.The battle was quite a blow to the Americans, who had never suffered such a loss on the battlefield, and realized that the Chinese volunteers were not to be messed with.And realize that the pace of the war may not be easy.See the new China to the power of the unyielding consciousness and resistance will.Conclusion: The United States took this new enemy seriously, but still failed to defeat the volunteers, finally had to end the peace, out of the mire of the war.For the American people, the war gave them a deep sense of the Chinese military’s uneasiness and determination to resist aggression.Let the world also see China’s military and national strength, even in weak and backward, but never retreat and resolute attack attitude, have to admit its special status.World War I hit the national standard, hit the strongest voice of the era.