Shantou volunteers returned from the Winter Olympics and appealed to young people to help Shantou Asian Youth

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Volunteers are an indispensable element of large-scale games. During the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, more than 18,000 event volunteers and more than 200,000 urban volunteers participated in the service.They are an important guarantee for the smooth operation of the Games. They contribute silently and actively convey positive energy. Together, they interpret the essence of the spirit of volunteer service with practical actions.Among these volunteers, there is no lack of young volunteers from Shantou who escort the Winter Olympics with their perseverance and dedication.Recently, a number of volunteers from Shantou returned to their hometown after volunteering for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. They came to the Executive Committee of The Asian Youth Association of Shantou To share their experiences and volunteer spirit online and offline. They called on young friends to participate in the volunteer service of the Asian Youth Association of Shantou and contribute their youth strength.Volunteers Wu Fei accessible areas: sincere smile and a warm service is the “best business card” of Beijing university of posts and telecommunications students Wu Fei is a native of shantou, during the Beijing Olympics, she participated in the public area of the Olympic park accessibility volunteer service, by manipulating the barrier free shuttle buses to help wheelchair audience from security checkpoints successfully arrived at the venue entrance.The volunteer service experience made her experience that the sincere smiles and warm service of the volunteers are “the most beautiful business card”. The volunteers show the warm hospitality of Chinese people in their way, and convey the warmth and courtesy from China.Wu Fei told reporters that when she was studying in Shantou, she had participated in many volunteer services, helping others to make herself happy and grow, which also prompted her to sign up for the volunteer service work of the Beijing Winter Olympics in the first time.”Most of the volunteers came from universities. I passed three rounds of interviews and was finally accepted.”According to Wu Fei, the interview mainly tests the candidates’ volunteer service experience and length of service. English ability is also a plus.In her volunteer work, she was assigned to the night shift, leaving school every afternoon and arriving at the Olympic Park public area to work on the accessibility service.Accessibility services ensure that spectators in need can enjoy the games as much as other spectators, so that their inconvenience does not become a reason to prevent them from enjoying their due rights.In fact, it is not only the disabled who need accessible services. In daily life, all of us have the potential to become users of accessible facilities.Accessibility facilities not only serve the disabled, but also the elderly, the injured, people carrying heavy objects and others who need help.In the public area of the Olympic Park, volunteers built a good barrier-free environment for spectators through 186 barrier-free facilities and 2 barrier-free shuttle buses.As a volunteer outside the “closed loop”, Although Wu Fei did not have the opportunity to really contact the Olympic Games, she still devoted herself to volunteer work with the greatest enthusiasm.She said that young volunteers represent the image of Chinese youth. During the Winter Olympic Games, I can truly feel that every young volunteer regards the time spent together as a rare experience, showing sincerity, enthusiasm, optimism and unity.The 3rd Asian Youth Games will be held in Shantou in December this year. I hope more young people will sign up for volunteer work and contribute their youth strength to the Games.Media Reception Station Volunteer Huang Jing:Participating in volunteer service is a vivid patriotism education lesson. Huang Jing, from The Executive Committee Office (Overall Planning Department) of The Asian Youth Association Shantou City, also participated in the volunteer service of media reception station in Zhangjiakou Area of Beijing Winter Olympic Games. As an experienced volunteer, she served for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.She also participated in the volunteer service and management of the Rio Olympic Games, Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games and other large-scale events, and has more than 17 years of volunteer service and management experience in international events and large-scale events.Huang jing told reporters that participating in the volunteer service is a vivid patriotism education lesson, and can feel the close connection between national affairs and personal destiny.Huang jing told reporters that the Beijing Winter Olympics, the first global comprehensive sports event to be held as scheduled since the outbreak of the epidemic, demonstrated the Determination and courage of the Chinese people to keep their promise, and conveyed to the world valuable confidence in overcoming the epidemic despite difficulties.The Olympic Games is a great event for athletes as well as volunteers.Information consultation, language services, civilization propaganda, emergency assistance…These are insignificant, but all convey enthusiasm and warmth.As a volunteer outside the “Closed Loop”, Huang Jing was mainly responsible for the accommodation and interview arrangement of media reporters at the media reception station, and cooperated with media reporters to do the interview and reporting work.She told reporters that the first thing journalists from all over the world come into contact with when they arrive at the games is volunteers, who represent the image of the games and the city, and their performance is crucial to leave a good first impression on the guests.Therefore, every volunteer of the Winter Olympic Games has made a contribution to the success of the games.Huang jing said that through the experience of participating in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, we can feel that a successful games cannot be separated from the enthusiastic participation and dedication of the volunteers.Like the athletes, volunteers are inseparable participants in the Olympic cause.At the humanistic level, the volunteer spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress” naturally fits in with the Olympic ideals of unity, friendship, peace and progress.As a staff member of Shantou Asian Youth Association, Huang Jing has been working on the Executive committee of Shantou City for 10 months. She hopes that not only the local young people in Shantou will actively participate in the volunteer service, but also the young people in neighboring cities will join in and make joint efforts to contribute to the success of the competition.Source: Shantou Olive Taiwan