She saved four children who lost their legs, and after charity donors donated 15.72 million, some were jealous

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In 2012, Zhang ziyi squatted down to sing a song for a woman in a wheelchair during the CCTV Teachers’ Day gala.The woman named Zhang Lili, enjoy the honor of “the most beautiful teacher”, the whole country is enthusiastic for her donation 15.72 million yuan, and all of this, she lost her legs in exchange for the price.In an accident, she risked her life to save 4 children in a car accident, and also saved 4 families, but she lost the right to walk, can only spend a lifetime in a wheelchair.What kind of love is worth her life?Given the choice, would she do it again?In 1984, Zhang Lili was born in an ordinary worker’s family in Jiamusi city, Heilongjiang Province.Poor children take charge early, young Zhang Lili hands-on ability is very strong, parents go to work outside, she is at home to do all the housework, cooking and washing, on the study is also very employment, classmates and neighbors praise her sensible kindness polite.Influenced by her father and grandfather, Zhang lili was determined to be a teacher since childhood, to teach and cultivate the flowers of the motherland.In 1999, at the age of 15, Zhang Lili was admitted to Yilan Normal School, which was one step closer to her dream. From then on, she studied harder and always ranked among the best. However, when she was preparing for the entrance examination after four years of hard study, her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.20 years old Zhang Lili in a dilemma, one side is filial piety, one side is a dream, think, she chose filial piety, and then resolutely give up school, to the mother’s bed before careful care, massage wash, end feces end urine, accompany her treatment, day and night to accompany the mother finished the last journey of life.In the pathos of bereavement, Zhang Lili did not over-indulge in the dark time, she knew: parting and pain is inevitable in life, rather than over-indulge in sadness, it is better to cherish the people around.Zhang Lili once again embarked on the journey of her dream. Finally, she was admitted to Harbin Normal University with excellent grades and successfully completed her studies. She was also retained by daqing Oilfield Propaganda and Education Center, and since then, she has the iron rice bowl that others dream of.But at this time zhang Lili, but made a very “silly” decision, refused to choose to return to the city to work;In her opinion, it is more meaningful to help the children in her poor hometown finish their education. Besides, there is her beloved father there, and the combination of filial piety and work gives her more meaning in life.Zhang returned to her hometown in Heilongjiang province to work as a Chinese teacher, found her love, and happily married in 2009.This thought, the life arrived here, everything came, but an accident, completely imprisoned Zhang Lili’s freedom.A moment of good thought, lost her legs, saved 4 children Zhang Lili when the Chinese teacher, dutiful, is a both love, but also the strength of the teacher.Her teaching method is not beating and scolding punishment, but with sincere influence students, students Gu Zhichao does not like Chinese, she deliberately let him read the text in front of the class, but also kua his voice magnetic, very good to hear;Heard that the student Zhang Xu is the child of a single parent family, there is a seriously ill mother, she took the initiative to take out 100 yuan from 1000 yuan salary support;When students got sick and couldn’t come to class, she took the other children to visit them in the cold winter.Zhang Lili is a teacher, but more like a mother or a close friend, taking care of each student, urging them to study, protecting their body and mind, and encouraging education.It is also so, her word of mouth is very good, every student like her, miss Zhang, every child’s eyes are shining, praise will blurt out.In 2012, the fate of the hand to Zhang Lili, it was May 8, Zhang Lili as usual, at the school gate to guide the children out of school, when a bus suddenly rushed towards Zhang and four children.At the critical moment, Zhang lunged forward to push the frightened students out of the danger zone, but she was caught under the wheel, unconscious in a pool of blood, and was rushed to hospital.Under the circumstances, she could have avoided it herself, but she risked her young life to give birth to her children.Because the injury is too serious, the nearest hospital can not see, had to transfer hospital treatment, when the nurse opened the door of the ward, the hospital gate stood full of citizens to escort, they pray, make a wish, eager to miss Zhang can be safe.On the way to transfer the hospital, all the vehicles have taken the initiative to let go, and the driver specially rushed to Harbin to meet the entrance, at that moment, Zhang Lili is like a beam of light, lit all the good thoughts in the heart, although her life is hanging by a thread, but there are thousands of people in prayer blessing, and angels in white do their best to rescue.The hospital set up an expert group, formulate an emergency plan, the first time started the “Jiamusi City central hospital emergency plan”, in Zhang Lili dying, the doctor and death launched a silent fight.This is a fight to be won, not lost.But the car accident is too merciless after all, just for a moment, let Zhang Lili bear all these pain: blood shock, double lower limbs crushing injury destroyed injury, double upper limbs hands crushing injury, flail chest, right pneumothorax, heart contusion, left femoral shaft fracture, thoracic 11 vertebral compression fracture, pelvic fracture, multiple rib fracture.Doctors had to amputate both of her legs to save her life, and at the tender age of 29, she lost the right to walk.Finally, Zhang Lili’s life was saved back, she woke up the first word is to ask: “the children are all right?”In the safe reply, she was relieved, next to the family and doctors at the moment do not know how to explain the amputation of the legs with her, such a beautiful girl, if you know that they did not have legs, how the heart will be torn!In 17 days, li-li zhang in stable condition, the doctor get up the courage to tell her, have never thought, li-li zhang, accept the fact that in silence, without crying, not collapse, she calm exterior, is a heart without regret, perhaps in an accident at that moment, she knew that the cost behind the operation.Optimistic face, let suffering into human love li-li zhang lost both legs, action has inconvenience more, everything need to family, and looked at her husband came back, li-li zhang feel sorry, take the initiative to put forward a divorce, but her husband has pushed resolutely guard her, also comfort the hearts of li-li zhang imbalances, tell her everything will be past.With the love of the family, Zhang Lili also put away the sad mood, the matter has become a foregone conclusion, only to face, to see the bright moon.In the following life, Zhang Lili actively do rehabilitation training, find the right prosthesis, in a wheelchair to start a new life.In 2015, Zhang lili gave birth to a son. She struggled with her decision to become a mother. She knew she could not give her son the motherly love of ordinary people, but her unexpected pregnancy made her have different expectations for her new life.For a paraplegic, pregnancy and childbirth were a risk to her life, but the arrival of the baby added new hope to her life. In 2017, Zhang lili gave birth to her second son, and the family of four has been happy and complete since then.After zhang Lili’s heroic deeds were spread, the major media reported, and honors came one after another: the most beautiful teacher in the country, the National May 1 Labor Medal, the National March 8 red flag bearer…She was also selected as the moving Chinese figure, the people of the whole country affectionately called her the most beautiful teacher, Zhang Ziyi personally sang for her, the social donations from all walks of life from all sides.In 2015, Zhang lili’s Charity fund received 15.72 million yuan.These money, is everyone to her brave praise, but also let many people envy.Some netizens questioned: There are always a few people, money and health confused, in front of health, have no amount of money and how?Will that money get her legs back, the right to walk free?Life, advise you good.If she did not save the students at that time, so, the lives of students will be at stake, 4 families will be in dire straits, in this moment of crisis, she did not hesitate to help students regardless of safety, almost sacrificed personal life, this is money can buy?Because the society needs positive energy, and the brave teacher was saved with all his efforts, so he deserved the honor.In other words, Zhang Lili should be praised, honor and charity, are deserved.Born as a human being, we often hear the truth of keeping good intentions, but when it comes to practice, few people can stand up and give themselves to others.Therefore, please do not point out the goodness of others, good and evil in a moment, with good thoughts of people, deserve to be loved by the world.Zhang Lili’s selfless act deserves our gratitude and remembrance.She saved four families with her freedom, and also delivered a positive energy to the society, letting everyone see the truth, goodness and beauty of the world.I hope for the rest of her life, she has flowers, happiness, all the good luck for her.END wants to learn more about golden Word