Show so much!Canadian snowboarders compete with their phones, finish a round, pull out their phones and take selfies

2022-04-18 0 By

Beijing (Reuters) – Chinese snowboarder Rong Ge failed to qualify for the women’s snowboard slopestyle final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Sunday, scoring only 29.36 points in two rounds.In contrast to Jung’s case, Baird of Canada also attracted your attention, and I’ll take you to the details.Show so much!Canadian snowboarders finish one round with their phones and take a selfie!If there is a focus on sports people will know, when athletes typically do not bring things, on the one hand, is keeping the body flexible state, on the other hand is on the major sports events, the basic nothing saw athletes play, but the woman from Canada baird, this is exactly the opposite.After completing a round in the women’s snowboard slopestyle qualifying competition, Baird made a surprise move when she pulled her phone out of her pocket and started taking a selfie.Yeah, that’s right.I can’t believe Baird’s wearing a cell phone.The situation has also sparked heated debate online, with many saying baird is too showy.Many even joked that nothing is more important to girls than a beautiful selfie, even during the Winter Olympics.You know, snowboarding slopestyle is an extreme sport, also known as freestyle snowboarding.During the competition, the athletes have to demonstrate their snowboarding skills in multiple sets of jumps and props, and the slopestyle competition is very long, which further tests the athletes’ physical agility.It just didn’t occur to Ms. Baird of Canada that she could still compete with her phone in such a difficult event.More importantly, the Winter Olympics is a large international sports event held every four years. It has to be said that Baird’s psychological quality is indeed very excellent, and he really enjoys the feast of sports with practical actions.