Teacher Yang Yubin of Changchun No. 58 Middle School participated in the judging work of Beijing Winter Olympic Games

2022-04-18 0 By

On the evening of January 20, Yang Yubin, a teacher from No. 58 Middle School of Erdao District, Changchun, started his journey as the technical officer of the Cross-country skiing event of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.It is understood that Teacher Yang Yubin is an “ice and snow fan”, has been held many ice and snow competitions.This time, he successfully obtained the qualification of referee of the Winter Olympics after online training and several tests.Changchun Erdao District 58 middle school related leaders in Yang Yubin said before the battle, this experience is not only the glory of Yang Yubin teacher, but also the pride of all 58 middle school people.I hope that Mr. Yang Yubin will fulfill his mission, shoulder his responsibilities and serve the overall situation. With the common wish of all teachers and students to support, participate in and serve the Olympic Games, he will uphold fairness and justice in the competition.In the world’s highest level of sports show ability, show style, win glory for the country.Yang yubin said that this time to Beijing as a judge of great responsibility, glorious mission, he will be fair, just adjudication, strict with himself, with full work enthusiasm, high quality to complete the adjudication work, for the success of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games to contribute their own strength.Jilin Daily all media reporter Lou Kai Chang Linxiang