The Demon: The Awakening of the Dragon, 200 million views!Is it really that attractive?

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“Jinshi – The Awakening of the Dragon”, 200 million views!Is it really that attractive?Browsing video platforms, I was surprised to find that a popular movie has been viewed 200 million times. I was a little curious.I looked it up, and it was a 2019 movie.In general, when a movie is just released, the number of views is relatively high due to the popularity. It is not strange that the number of views reaches tens of millions in the first few days after it is released. However, as time goes by, the number of views drops sharply, and only a few of them can break 100 million views.The fact that this movie has been viewed more than 200 million times must be something special.What kind of movie is “Demon: The Awakening of the Dragon” that can bring such a high number of views?The film is adapted from the suspense novel “Town magic Department”, but the plot and the novel has little relationship, belongs to IP drainage.The movie opens with a red lady dancing. I thought it was to follow the rules of the Internet and show flesh, but it wasn’t.The film tells the story of some dynasty some year, fairy fall spirit to break 400 years of tradition, as the master of the school of xiuxian, is about to usher in 600 years of high life.The routine of a fantasy drama.And the prestige of fairy high, has been infinitely close to the true fairy, reputation over the son of heaven.This is also great, xiu Xian menpai honest xiu Xian can, want to move the rules of the earth, this is the court can not tolerate.So the emperor on earth was furious and wanted to eradicate it.So the department of magic zhang Qian sent Ming, dark two soldiers respectively to the jade mountain, intended to assassinate the fairy down spirit.But the two forces were still in conflict, defiant against each other, so there was a series of infighting.This is the routine of the palace drama.This movie sets up similar conflicts in the workplace through the secret prison.That’s the way it goes with workplace dramas.One is I do all the dirty work, not my cell.One is the Ming prison who enjoys double credit.This is the problem of the big boss, let people work, and faction people surveillance, even a lot of contradictions.As a network film how can there be no sadistic love drama, beauty must have the feelings of men and women.Town magic department hidden supervisor Tang and lovely Xiao Ling, and the fairy fell spirit and the demon female entanglement is really miscellaneous evil fate.That’s the way it is in love.A fantasy movie must have amazing special effects, and The effects of “Demon: The Dragon Awakens” are better.Already far beyond the standard of network drama, there are CG images in the film.The plot of the film is a bit out of the audience’s expectation, this is a decent fairy, is actually the biggest evil faction.Not only with the demon female love hate, but also secretly engage in lian child xiuxian dirty things, is really a fairy read.And The Lord tang was originally to cheat the feelings of the silly white sweet girl, but unexpectedly fake, really false when true false true.The male and female protagonists of the film have good appearance level, and the people who are beautiful deserve attention.Actor Summer mo as “gu Read Tong” is set to be a unique siren, this is not “town magic department” she, but accidentally robbed the heroine limelight, by kneading face according to, really ground fire.It was also a bonus.All in all, the movie is a very good fantasy fairy tale drama, with dark office battles, palace fights, and sadistic love, plus fantasy plot and sensible special effects, it’s worth watching, after all, it’s rare to see a movie with 200 million views.