The file is still too large after compression

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Try volume minimization.1. In the compressed file name and parameters interface, there is a compression option on the right. Select the small box in front of “Create solid compressed file” and click the OK button in the lower right to re-compress the file.Using this method can increase the compression ratio, the details can be seen in the file properties.2. Check the compression format. Generally, the compression ratio of “RVR” format will be high.If the “ZIP” format is selected, recompress it and change the format to “RVR”.3. Extended data: Commonly used compression software are Winzip, 7-zip, WinRAR, good pressure, Bandizip, 360 compression, quick compression software, etc.Winrar installs Windows systems, usually with this software in the inside.Supports many compression formats, including compression, decompression, encryption, volume, self-decompression and so on.