The “mother family” of Jilin Sports cheer for jilin athletes as Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games is about to open

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will officially open at 20:00 PM on February 4.Our hometown sports “mother family” for Jilin to participate in the Winter Olympic Games to send their own blessings.Jilin Provincial Sports bureau said it hopes athletes from Jilin province will make greater contributions to the “wonderful participation” of the Winter Olympic Games. Jilin province has a total of 27 athletes participating in the games.Among them, 10 Jilin athletes, including Wu Dajing, Zhang Tianyi, Sun Long, Zhang Chutong, Han Yutong, Fan Suyuan, Li Qishi, Jin Jingzhu, Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu, will compete in the ice events of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Currently, fan Suyuan, a young curler, has appeared in the Beijing Winter Olympics.A total of 17 Jilin athletes qualified for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Snow events: Qi Guangpu, Sun Jiaxu, Li Nan, Zhao Yang, Sun Jingbo, Wu Meng, Rong Ge, Bi Ye, Zang Ruxin, Zhang Yangming, Xu Mingfu, Dong Bing, Tang Jialin, Meng Fanqi, Wu Qingze, He Binghan and Ma Qinghua.In the already open freestyle skiing moguls skill competition, Li Nan, Zhao Yang has also formally appeared on the field.Qu Yongkai, deputy director of the Sports bureau of Jilin Province, sent wishes from his parents ahead of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.”The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is about to open, I sincerely hope that the athletes from Jilin Province can compete in the competition, fight bravely, can show their best level, win the gold medal, for Jilin Province, but also for our country, for greater honor.We also hope that athletes in Jilin Province can make greater contributions to the “wonderful competition”.Among the athletes participating in the competition in Jilin Province, 12 were trained and transported by Changchun city.They are Sun Long, Zhang Tianyi, Li Qishi, Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu in the ice events, and Qi Guangpu, Li Nan, He Binghan, Bi Ye, Ma Qinghua, Meng Fanqi and Wu Qingze in the snow events.As the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games are about to open, He Yong, deputy director of Changchun Municipal Sports Bureau, also expressed his best wishes to the athletes trained and sent by Changchun: “The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which will attract worldwide attention, will open on February 4.Here, on behalf of the Changchun Municipal Sports Bureau, I sincerely wish the 12 Changchun athletes representing The Chinese team in the Winter Olympic Games to do their best, show their style and level in a good competitive state, and win honor for our country and changchun people.Meanwhile, I would also like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to the leaders and friends from all walks of life who have been caring and supporting the development of sports in Changchun.Happy New Year to you all!The Year of the Tiger!”Source | China’s forest tries to edit 丨 Du Guanxing audit 丨 Zhang Luyi, 臧喆, Liu Ximei statement 丨 jilin education television respect the original copyright, if there is any infringement problems, please contact the administrator.