The new aid joins in meeting to let Zhao Lina retire, I personally respond for the first time, eat to fan reassuring

2022-04-18 0 By

Recently, Zhu Yu, the main goalkeeper of Chinese women’s football team, joined the Shanghai team.Many fans felt that after Zhu yu joined Shanghai Women’s Football Team, zhao Lina, the main goalkeeper, might be relegated to the bench or even retire.After all, Zhu Yu’s current state and ability are stronger than Zhao Lina.So in this case, fans speculate that Zhao Lina plans to retire in the future, it is not groundless.In this regard, Zhao Lina in an interview with domestic media, responded to their future will be because of Zhu Yu to join the retirement of things.Zhao Lina is very sure that she will not join the Shanghai team with Zhu Yu, on the choice of retirement.Zhao Lina said 2018 is her career low, he did not choose to retire.So Zhu Yu joined the Shanghai team, she certainly will not choose to retire.The Chinese women’s football team won the long-lost championship in the Asian Cup, which is the best encouragement for her.Zhao lina hopes she can go further on this road and bring wonderful performances to the fans.Zhao Lina said to the fans to eat a reassuring, let the fans did not think straight.Because people still love the goalkeeper.When Zhao Lina just made her debut, she attracted the attention of many fans.Zhao Lina tall figure and goddess like appearance, is indeed a beautiful beautiful scenery line.As Zhao Lina performed better and better in The Chinese women’s football team, she became the main goalkeeper of the team.The highlight of Zhao Lina’s national team was her performance in the Rio Olympic Games on behalf of The Chinese Women’s football Team.Zhao Lina played like a miracle to help The Chinese women’s football team to qualify for the last eight of the Olympic Games.After Jia Xiuquan took over the Chinese women’s football team, zhao Lina also has the idea of reuse.However, Zhao lina’s poor performance in the Asian Games final against Japan made her doubted by many fans.So in this case, Zhao Lina simply chose to quit the national team.Fortunately, Zhao Lina was not knocked down, on the contrary through a period of adjustment, again found the best state.After the Chinese women’s football team ushered in the new shuiqingxia, Shuiqingxia recalled Zhao Lina to the national team.Zhao Lina as the number two goalkeeper, with the team participated in the Asian Cup.The beautiful goalkeeper got the chance to play in the group match against Iran and did well.Zhao Lina’s steady performance in the Chinese women’s football team has made her popularity soar, with the number of fans on social platforms being the first in the women’s football team.I hope zhao Lina can inspire the best of each other in healthy competition after Zhu Yu’s joining, and help Shanghai Women’s Football Team to achieve outstanding results in women’s Super League and win the coveted championship trophy.