Upcoming Windows 11 features are expected to increase performance by a factor of four

2022-04-18 0 By

For multi-tasking operating systems such as Windows, applications running in the background occupy CPU and memory, and affect the performance of applications currently in use.By designating a low-priority app, the upcoming Windows 11 feature promises to boost performance by a factor of four and allow you to use other apps comfortably without terminating that app.The new feature is called “Efficiency mode” or “ecological mode”.In the current version of Windows, applications running in the background may occupy too many system resources, such as CPU, memory, disk access, and network communication, which may slow down the running of applications that users are using.On the other hand, with the new functionality, you can set the priority to be lowered for each application.Reducing the priority will limit the use of system resources and is unlikely to affect applications in use, and it is also thought to help improve laptop battery life.Instead of manually exiting an application from the task manager, you can automatically limit the use of system resources without restarting the application.After a year of testing, this new feature has been shown to improve performance by up to four times (resource utilization reduced by 76%) on CPU-intensive systems.As a result, the user interface becomes more responsive and the task manager itself executes twice as fast as the specific application.By default, the lower priority setting applies to Microsoft Edge and Chrome, but you must manually specify it for other apps.The “Efficiency mode” or “Eco-mode” is currently being tested on Windows 11 Build 22557 and is scheduled to be available to the public by the end of 2022.So, are you looking forward to new features coming out of Windows 11?Welcome to leave your comments.