Usman wants to move up two levels to fight for the light heavyweight championship

2022-04-18 0 By

Maybe UFC welterweight champion Usman got lonely fighting all over the world at welterweight and wanted a new challenge.Many elite fighters do this by moving up to a heavier weight class, but Usman insists he won’t fight “Black Dragon” Adisaya, the UFC middleweight relord, because he, like himself, is a Nigerian-born brother.So Usman spent much of last year considering the more radical option of skipping middleweight and going straight to the light heavyweight champion, then Poland’s Jan Blacjovic.Usman made the idea public in an interview with GQ, a popular American men’s fashion magazine.”I was going to skip Adisaya and fight Jane at 205 pounds,” he said.And he acted excited about it.”Because I was no. 1 on the P4P charts, I wanted to prove it.No matter how heavy he is, I think he’s a really good opponent for me.”For now, though, this is a theoretical battle.Blazjovic lost his world title in a defeat to Glover Teixeira in October, putting Usman’s challenge on hold.Still, Usman remains curious and excited.He didn’t care about the fact that Blacjovic was bigger, stronger and stronger.”I think I’ll beat him.”For Usman, there was nothing more exciting than a master opening himself up to a whole new world of terrifying challenges.Maybe the time is right for him to take on the light heavyweight champion, whoever it is, as long as it’s not Adisaya.