Young man, did you burn calories today?

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In the hot winter Olympic Games, Chinese athletes again and again to add luster to the motherland.Each level is high, the body appearance vigorous Chinese athletes, become the hot topic: win the freestyle skiing women’s diving gold medal GuAiLing, short track speed skating gold medal of men’s and women’s 2000 – meter medley relay Wu Dajing, for 1 minutes and 26 seconds 768 won the men’s 1000 m short track speed skating champion of all showed young power, raised a hot wave of national fitness.National fitness in promoting the development of Chinese sports, promote the positive role of the people’s health level, and emphasized to promote national fitness and health depth fusion, party members and cadres to “health is the source of revolution” in the practice of this concept to the actual, physical fitness, burn calories, it’s a “burn calories” guide:Burn leg leg adipose, do secretary business on the road “extreme speed pioneer”.Jogging can not only promote blood circulation, regulate the respiratory system of the human body, but also through the continuous swing of the two legs, can bring very good weight loss effect to the leg fat.Jogging thin legs to pay attention to step by step, according to their physical fitness reasonable arrangement of running distance.Breath should be regulated rhythmically during running, rest and replenish water and minerals in time after exercise.Burn waist adipose, when have “majia line” “phloem youth”.Swimming is a kind of whole body movement, the resistance of people in water activity is 12 times larger than that on land, swimming for 30 minutes can consume nearly 350-380 calories (1 calorie is equal to 1000 calories), it is a kind of movement that can especially thin waist plasticity.Swimming consistently can not only lose weight, but also improve one’s muscle line.Swimming can also strengthen the respiratory system and improve the cardiopulmonary function, improve the elasticity of blood vessels and reduce the incidence of heart disease.When swimming, pay special attention to prevent drowning and cramping. Do not be too hungry or full before entering the water and observe the environment of the swimming place.Enhance muscle strength, when eye disease and quick hand “officer youth”.Table tennis is a ball game integrating strength, speed, flexibility, agility and endurance. It is also a perfect combination of skills and tactics.Playing table tennis can drive the muscle and joint movement of the whole body to achieve the purpose of burning fat and losing weight, enhance the speed of movement and the ability of upper and lower limbs movement and cultivate the ability of reaction, coordination and operational thinking.Before playing table tennis, we should prepare for activities such as: freehand exercises, wrist and ankle exercises, stretching ligaments and muscles, so that the human body can adapt to the requirements of table tennis.Make sure the ground is dry to prevent slipping and injuries.A balanced youth with a healthy diet.The nutrition provided by three meals a day must meet the needs of various physiological and physical activities of the human body. Reasonable diet can also achieve the purpose of significant weight loss.Reasonable diet should follow the principle of food is not tired of miscellaneous, do not picky food, achieve the goal of complementary nutrition, nutrition comprehensiveness.Reasonable diet should pay attention to: staple food and non-staple food collocation, meat and vegetable collocation, coarse grain and fine grain collocation.(Xu Haotian)