540 Cattail whip insult generous love the people

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540 Allusion to The Famous Generals of the Imperial Government (Vol.2, Vol.26) 229 Pu Bian shows insult, kindness and love for the people. “Yi Wen Xue Ju” vol.82 quotes liu Kuan’s Biography in The Eastern View of Han Dynasty:”When Liu Kuan moved to Nanyang as prefect, he was gentle and benevolent. The officials and civilians had made some mistakes, but he was punished by cattling to show insult.”The Book of the Later Han · Biography of Liu Kuan: “In the eighth year of Yan Xi, (Kuan) enjoined the imperial Order and moved to the prefects of Nanyang.History three counties, wenren more forgive, although in the cang pawn, did not taste disease hurriedly color.Often think that ‘qi’s punishment, the people avoid and shameless’.The local officials did, but they were punished with a whip to show their humiliation.Liu Kuan was the prefects of Nanyang in the later Han Dynasty. He was kind and forgiving and never scolded his subordinates in anger. If officials and common people made mistakes, he would only beat them with a whip made of cattail, without hurting their flesh, but making them feel ashamed.After this code describes the government officials benevolent benevolent people, to persuade people.Whip pu, pu whip, pu whip of the government, pu whip of the punishment, pu is not whip, lash pu, zheng Cheng pu whip, pu whip of the shame, do not use pu, pu whip, show shame pu whip, pu whip hanging.[Whip pu] Ming xu Wei “Yang Hui Ji Gong to think” : “a money also throw water, three feet only whip pu.”[Pu Whip] Tang · Li Bai “give Qing Zhang Ming fu nephew yu” : “Pu Whip hang eave branch, show no shame arc.”[Puban politics] Southern Liang jiang Yan “Shian King worship general Rupp chapter” : “Minister post right Nanyang, Xie Puban politics;Linzi, no prison.”[Pu Zheng does not need to whip] Song · Lu You “send son 虡 to jin Tan Cheng” : “Tong should make lovely, Pu Zheng does not need to whip.[Whip pu] Ming · Gao Qi “South state savage wu Yi zeng Ling fu” : “I am the wild man accidentally lu, to you not endure whip pu.[Zheng Cheng Pu whip] Song · Lu You “Jiangdong Han Cao xi sent Yang Ting Xiu” : “Zheng Cheng Pu whip is not used, the ground money flow warehouse millet red.””(Pu Whip insult), A Case of Surprise in The Case of Two Carvehands, Volume 33:” The two of them were nostalgic, and convinced of his former knowledge. They used their feelings with their wrists to steal strength, and pu whip insult.Modern Times, Fang Rong, “Tyranny and Benevolence” : “Busban insult, kindness and kindness, not only related to the way of government, but also related to the realistic environment.A virtuous monarch, by implementing the policy of pubian, can civilize the world and bring it near and far.2021, 2, 3, editor’s Words “Allusion poetry” I spent many years of painstaking editing, readers have a high reading and use value.I do not plan to publish, welcome friends to collect, forward!Qichun County zhu Sheng 2022, 2, 5,