Check out the 7 worst behaviors parents can do to their kids this holiday season!(Early knowledge, early benefit)

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Gorky once said: “Love children this is the old hen will do.”There is no doubt that most parents love their children.But a lot of times, parents hurt their children without even knowing it.CCTV documentary “Mirror” tells us a truth, children are a mirror of their parents, children’s performance is good or bad, are from the influence of parents.As parents should pay attention to these 7 behaviors have a great impact on children and must be corrected in time.Pampering, easy to satisfy some parents to the child has not been able to use the pet to describe, but spoil, the child wants what to give what, even if the child raises the requirements have exceeded the scope of family economic ability.And children under the protection of adults, can not scold can not play, develop arrogant, not considerate of others, self-centered bad character.”Night talk around the furnace” said: “don’t spoil the child, the son fell into the mo abandon.”Pampering children is a good thing, but excessive love will only be deformed love, spoiled children will never learn to be grateful, only know what to ask, this is the biggest harm to children, but also the biggest sorrow of a family.Arranged to replace, deprived of independent when children are small, small what do parents think children is not good, wait until the children grow up, and the child’s first priority is to study well, so parents have no chance to even try to the child, and everything is arranged, kids don’t have to do something, I become more and more dependent on their parents.Parents take over, depriving children of the opportunity to develop their ability to take care of themselves, such children will not learn to be independent, and grow up to be mostly unsuccessful, parents are asking for it.If children grow up to be independent, parents should know how to let go, cultivate children’s independent ability from an early age, let children do their own things, this is really good for children.Becoming preachy, love reason most nagging parents, will be in the name of love children, in the form of lecturing is trying to make children obey, but this way of education is not only useless, or harmful, to know too strong, too much nagging will cause children’s mental impatient, and even have the rebellious mood, psychology is called “transfinite effect”.A education experts said the low level of parents nag, will speak the truth, and children from a high level of parents and child to speak, because they know that a child is an independent individual, have their own thinking and choice, they also need a time never understand to understand, so let the child independence.Commanding, blow down some parents uphold the “praise leads to pride, and pride makes one lag behind” and so on, often like criticism and demeaning children, always patronize picky child, constantly hit the child, rarely sure children, even like to their own children and other people’s children, eyes only someone’s home children of light,I can’t see the glow on my own children.Parents hope that through demeaning to blow, let the child shame-awareness then yong, but in fact it will only be at virtually ruined children, will not only affect the growth of children intelligence, can also lead to child heart easily buried inside inferiority complex, thus become not confident, afraid and want to stay away from their parents, this kind of stay in psychological trauma is likely to be associated with children’s life.Some parents often make enticing promises to their children, only to reject them as “so-and-so isn’t right for you” or “I’m too busy at work.”But for children, parents casually a promise, is an expectation, a trust, again and again full of expectations in the disappointment.Sociologist Lynn Zach said that parents are the closest people to their children and the most trustworthy.Therefore, never use lies to deceive the children who trust us most, do not kill the children’s trust in themselves, but do not affect the children’s life, because this kind of wrong demonstration behavior will be inherited, so that the child will become a person who breaks his word in the future.Couples quarrel, extreme words between husband and wife quarrel is inevitable, the occasional small quarrel may also can promote the affection between each other, but the couple quarrel faster mood spread faster, but likely to be the child’s heart, kids would be fear, anxiety and tension, seriously undermined its security, and even become inferiority or violent.Between husband and wife can quarrel, but to choose the right time and place, do not blame the cause of the quarrel on the child, but after the quarrel can have a frank communication with the child, let the child treat the parents’ quarrel with a normal heart.But really for the good of the children, please try to avoid arguing in front of the children, but also good husband and wife relationship, loving parents is the best tutor.Requiring children blindly, oneself always can’t do parents of children with infinite expectation for the future, do everything we can to provide the best, very anxious to let the child on the starting line, but often neglect cultivating their own, in fact if the parents don’t do a good role model, the strength and effectiveness of education will be discounted, parents do not own, how to ask for a child to do that.The child is the epitome of the parents, the problems of the child can be seen in the parents, so the parents want the child to become what kind of person, to do what kind of person.Good family education is about parents setting a good example for their children. If parents want to be good parents, they must never give up on their own growth.Writer Liu Na once said, “We are all first-time parents, but we are not first-time parents.”As a parent, be a good guide on the way of your child’s growth.During the winter vacation, parents are requested to fulfill their educational responsibilities, starting from avoiding injury and educating their children correctly.