Cheng Fangyuan: divorced twice, childless, old age is not short of love

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She was the first singer in China to play and sing by herself.White shirt and jeans, that’s her standard.She is the singer Cheng Fangyuan.Cheng Fangyuan a life is very natural and unrestrained, from the age of 20 on love.Although divorced twice, but never rejected love.At 61, she has no children.Not being married doesn’t mean not being in love.She kept everything open and lived her life at will.Cheng Fangyuan was born in a literary family in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province.Because her father is a production designer for Beiying.So she grew up in the compound of the Beijing Film Studio.Cheng Fangyuan also has an older sister.Sister likes music, can play erhu can play guitar.Cheng Fangyuan likes to cling to her sister since childhood, so she also fell in love with music.Cheng Fangyuan is very musical and plays erhu very well.She was admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music at the age of 16.Once, the school held a variety show.Cheng Fangyuan also went to attend.It’s just that she’s different.Everyone else is in teams.Cheng fangyuan is the only one in the team.The host couldn’t resist asking her, “Where are your teammates?”Cheng Fangyuan raised his guitar and said, “Here.”Cheng Fangyuan came on stage, holding a guitar, began to play since singing.Her show became the highlight of the evening.I didn’t know you could sing that song.It’s so cool when a girl sings with a guitar.Cheng Fangyuan is very talented in music, after graduation directly into the Oriental song and dance troupe.Became the soloist of the team.Later, she released “Blue Sky and White Clouds”, “In Summer”, “Wandering Son Sing” and so on.Cheng Fangyuan fire, became a very hot star at that time.A song, “Childhood,” let her career to a higher level.While her career was on the rise, she chose to get married.Her husband was her tutor in college.Cheng Fangyuan loves learning in college.After class, I often go to the teacher to ask questions.The teacher looks very strict, but at heart is a very gentle person.Cheng Fangyuan gradually fell in love with him.She often reached out to him by asking questions.Once, cheng Fangyuan did not go home for the Spring Festival because of other things.She spent the Spring Festival at her tutor’s house.The two have been together since graduation.Cheng Fangyuan like music, sometimes in order to write words everywhere run.They disappear for days at a time.After their marriage, chengfangyuan has not changed at all.Career is more important to her than family.Cheng Fangyuan does not like children and thinks they will be a drag on her career.The husband’s expectations for the child were shattered.He had always wanted to have a child, and he thought a marriage with children would be perfect.One wants it, one doesn’t.The marriage was in trouble.The contradiction is still unresolved.They divorced a year later.After divorce cheng Fangyuan does not love a body light, put the idea on the job.She also became the host of Variety Show.Her partner is Wang Gang.The man would later become her second husband.Wang Gang was a literary genius, 12 years older than Cheng Fangyuan.Before I met Cheng Fangyuan, I got divorced once.He has a daughter from a previous marriage.After the divorce he lived alone with his daughter.Wang Gang was very kind to his daughter and sent her abroad to study at the age of 14.Cheng fangyuan is attracted by Wang Gang’s talent, and the two soon get together.A festival, Wang Gang took Cheng Fangyuan fly abroad to see his daughter.Wang Gang wants to marry Cheng Fangyuan.As soon as Cheng Fangyuan passes the daughter, they can get married.When Wang Tingting grew up, she also wanted her father to be happy.The kingdom was very happy to see that her daughter had no objection.They married shortly after returning to China.Wang Gang is not only a host, but also an actor.He has shot TV dramas such as “Ironclad Ji Xiaolan”, “Prime Minister Liu Luopan”, “Son of the Lord in Cloth clothes” and so on.Wang Gang is good in everything except one thing.Wang gang likes drinking, which makes Cheng Fangyuan very sad.Once, Wang Tingting told her father that she was in love.Wang was not in a good mood.When a daughter has a boyfriend, will she not want him as a father?Wang Gang was upset and took his friend to drink together.Cheng Fangyuan mood is not good, her new song modified many times are not satisfied.Two guys with something on their mind went to a bar.However, Cheng Fangyuan did not like to drink, she did not drink a sip.Wang Gang drank a lot of wine.Wang Gang was a different man when he got drunk.He also scolded cheng Fangyuan in front of his friends, let cheng fangyuan wronged.Once, Wang Gang got drunk again.A friend called and asked her to pick someone up.Chengfangyuan has gone.As the car approached Sanyuan Bridge in Beijing, Wang suddenly woke up and shouted to get off.Cheng Fangyuan angry, two people fight.Cheng Fangyuan has always disliked Wang gang’s drinking and wants him to get rid of the habit.Wang Gang doesn’t agree. He likes wine all the time.Cheng Fangyuan can not stand such a life, two people had to divorce.There was another important reason for the divorce.Wang Gang’s family had always wanted Cheng Fangyuan to have a son.Wang Gang has only one daughter.A bit traditional, he also wanted a son.But cheng Fangyuan refused, she still does not want children.After their divorce, Wang soon remarried.His wife is a beautiful woman with very white skin.The couple also had a son.Old son, he laughed.After divorce, Cheng Fangyuan lived a more natural and unrestrained life.She has another boyfriend, who is a photographer.Once, they traveled to Tibet.The photographer took many pictures with her.Cheng Fangyuan feels that the photos taken are particularly beautiful.She fell in love with photography and never stopped.She has traveled a lot and taken a lot of pictures.Today, Cheng Fangyuan, 61, is childless.However, she is not short of love, boyfriend after boyfriend.Fall in love and never get married.Mom and dad broke their heart about her marriage.Her mother even told her with tears in her eyes before she left, “You should choose one of your boyfriends and get married.”Mom wanted to reassure her that she had a home and someone to take care of her in her old age.And she was at peace with herself.However, Cheng fangyuan said he did not need.She thinks it’s just fine the way it is.Some people are not suitable for marriage, like herself.If you don’t want to get married, you don’t want to get married.After mother left, cheng Fangyuan received his father around the life.The father looked at his daughter’s boyfriend changed one after another, and none of them could get married.Father saw it in the eyes, anxious in the heart.If my daughter continues like this, what will she do in her old age?So, he began to urge cheng Yuan to get married quickly.Cheng Yuan often told her father, “Don’t worry about it. I don’t lack for love.”Married together, fall in love can also be together.Just missing the blank piece of paper.She always said someone would take care of her when she was old.The father saw that his daughter really had no intention of getting married and gave up after several attempts of persuasion.Life is her own way, and she decides how she wants to live it.Even if cheng Fangyuan did not get married, her old age did not lack of love, and her life was still very happy and random.