Crack down!Yang county muck do investigate 12 illegal transport vehicles

2022-04-19 0 By

Yang County muck office severely investigate and punish illegal muck transport vehicles, the construction site earthwork construction, standardized management, the utilization rate of vehicle washing station facilities and other strict supervision, to ensure that the normal management is not lax.Waste residue in the action of the control for law enforcement officers in the north second ring road, JinChang road sections positioned, efforts to strengthen the control of clinker convey vehicles, carefully survey vehicle “, sprinkling, leakage “, firmly on the car will be, violations will investigate, at the same time for each passing residue in car perform full cover, sealed transportation, prevent the dust and air.”Recently, I have closely around the iron hand smog ‘spring thunder’ action, closely focused on the construction of dust remediation and other key work, check whether the construction site muck vehicle operation is strictly in accordance with the ‘certificate of passage, closed transport, driving according to the rules’ system and in and out of the construction site flushing measures are implemented in place,Non-residue transportation companies’ illegal vehicles’ and load on the roof, spill along the road, tires and body with mud on the road, do not drive according to the prescribed route and other illegal transportation vehicles, severe punishment.””Said Wang Wenbin, head of the bureau.So far, the joint law enforcement action in execute the law personnel more than 60 people, law enforcement vehicles and trains, and investigate illegal transportation vehicles, effectively combat the residue in car transport exist in the process of speeding, overloading, no transportation qualification, such outstanding problems as “drops, spill, leak”, eliminate safety hidden danger, ensure that urban city environment clean and tidy.Source: Bai Ying Niu Jianqun Editor: Cao Fei Editor: He Long Chief Editor: Zhang Zhigang Supervised by: Song Hao Mainstream public opinion front integrated service platform community information hub Yang County released love Yang County APP