DNF: Late pull full 10 sets of players loss big!A tier S bonus cannot be claimed, resulting in a loss of 4500W gold

2022-04-19 0 By

With the arrival of the new edition, I believe that many players have already started the New Year gift pack!The highlight of the lunar New Year gift bag attract people to purchase way has a lot of, such as more than 1 to 2 years increase skills ~ 95 + 1 pet, a smoke to the ultimate title + 12 stamps increase not playback draw mode, as well as in the first purchase in the gift bag, can let the dream of cloning dress upgraded to clone rare weapons is dressed up “delicate” converter and so on.In the face of so many bright props, plus 10 sets of gift packs can be purchased with only 2100~2500 after blood return, so many players also buy 10 sets!This time planning in order to allow players to buy 10 sets, reward in puzzle activities is also arranged on both rich and to force, for example, in 108 in the archives of luxurious gift bag, can earn a $10 times pieces of crystal growth of book, senior dress up voucher, 10 equipment promotion gift box, opportunity, and three indiana up to korah 10 times and three other gift bag is very favourable,Much more powerful than the first wave of depots.Activities associated with reward and indiana but actually spell group activities not only won out group activity, a dolphin can also be the reward, in group activities of krypton gold money, will also have a activity in indiana “pay-as-you-go” the above amount, per 200 r may obtain an opportunity to point lanterns, krypton gold 4000 will get free at most 20 kinds of rewards,And the reward of the treasure hunt is also quite powerful, among which the s-class reward of 4 to choose 2 in the limit of 1W includes the dream platinum badge gift box, as well as the +10 equipment increase coupon, but due to the low probability of drawing, it is usually the last one to draw.The bad news for raiders of the Treasure campaign is that you can get 10 sets of gift packs for Krypton Gold 4000, and you can get so many powerful items. Many players will get 10 sets of gift packs immediately after the Release of the New Edition on January 20, while some players will wait and see.Indiana activities and bad news, however, has emerged, original dream platinum trinket box before January 25, 5000 allowance, but after 28, dream platinum badge allowance is only 0, that is to say, customize the reward, by late 4000, 10 sets of players do not gain full of dreams platinum trinket box.So the question is, can the S-class reward be reset to something else?Unfortunately, the selected rewards can’t be reset, and the last login with the Dream Platinum badge won’t be lit up either, so it’s a big loss for players who have already played 10 sets!At present, the auction price of a dream platinum badge gift box is about 4500W gold coins, which is calculated with the ratio of 1:60 gold coins, that is to say, less 75 dollars, simply a loss, and from the precedent of DNF limited props did not continue to see, nine times out of ten will not re-join the dream platinum badge.Overall, players who pulled 10 sets late also lost more than those who pulled 10 sets early!The loss of a 4500W gold coin, must be very depressed, and for the players who want to pull 10 sets, or have spent 3800, also under the reassuring, so that they will not be dissatisfied with the 10 sets and feel entangled, do not buy is not impossible to play.