Do you know why Lulan would rather be mother Kong’s student than her grandmother’s teaching her rules?

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Such as blue and Ming LAN was black orchid framed kneeling ancestral temple, the queen saw her daughter kneeling swollen knee distressed, but make all the tricks can not let Sheng Hong calm, had to name Ming LAN to sheng old lady in front of.If the old lady is willing to speak, Sheng Hong naturally is to listen to the mother, but the old lady in sheng with the concubine has always been very measured, never intervene after the house affairs and sheng Hong most of the decision, in order to punish the children of this small matter, sheng The old lady is not willing to refute Sheng Hong’s face.But the old lady is love lily of valley, long before wanda lady to her for help, filled the old lady knew lily of valley and like orchid in the ancestral temple, such as LAN had long ago knelt asleep lying on the futon, lily of valley are stupidly knees straight, filled the old lady could not help but complain after listen to that silly child, yao is a accompany knelt, are the main are lazy, she is carrying.But this is not the way, just the Queen came, sheng old lady is down the ladder, to her can invite the palace of mammy to teach rules, in order to avoid such as blue and Ming LAN.Wanda lady lauds the idea of her mother-in-law, such as orchid also can leave the ancestral temple and happy for yourself, but soon her smile not to come out, because if don’t want to learn the rules, freely just pull a reason why there is no need to please mother home to the palace, filled the old lady also raised some time in his palace, rules of what the old woman is not not.When lady Wang heard this, she didn’t seem to be able to handle anyone well in front of her, but she was very good at handling people well at home. She immediately asked, “Do you really want your grandmother to teach you?”Such as orchid listen to mother so ask, blurt out is a “no” word, and then obediently wait for hole mammy’s teaching.Although Ru LAN was brought up by lady Wang and was not close to the old lady Sheng, there was no need to be so repulsive grandmother, why she would rather become a student of Mother Kong, and do not want grandmother to teach her rules?If such as blue is willing to get along with the old lady sheng, when I was a child to strive for the opportunity to enter the Shouan Hall with The Ink orchid, she likes to fight with the ink orchid but actively give up the opportunity, not only because of the Lady wang loathe to give up, but also because she does not like the rules of shouan Hall.As you can see, such as Orchid and Orchid in Respectively luxuriantly and Linqi Pavilion can be angry and lazy, but The two girls Hualan and Minglan in Shouan Hall are very well behaved, because the old lady sheng will restrict their behavior, the girls taught are clever, but also too constraining people.If the sheng old lady to teach such as orchid rules, such as orchid is not to live in Shouan Hall for a period of time convenient sheng old lady bundle?That can suffocate rulan bad.Hole mammy words she could not live in sheng parents, arranged the course is finished to leave, such as LAN as long as endure that time, after it is a free day.It would be better for Mammy Kong to be the teacher, at least for LAN to go back luxuriantly after class every night and liberate herself, rather than go to Shouan Hall and feel uncomfortable everywhere.