In 2009, a boy in Zhejiang province became a “blood boy” after being touched by blood and tearfully told his mother that he donated my organs

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If you are visiting this family for the first time, there will be some panic and fear in your heart.Because on the walls of this home, on the chairs and tables, on the toys, on the sheets…There were patches of blood almost everywhere the eye could see.Makes you wonder, what happened to this family?It’s a poor family behind it. It’s a poor child.The blood all came from the same source, and all belonged to one person — a 10-year-old can Can.If you meet Can can, you will find that he has a steady and steady which is hard to see in children of his age.At the age of ten, it is the time to play and make fun.But Can can can sit in one place all day.Everything was done very lightly, very carefully.Rarely talk with people, taciturn, a pair of eyes carrying a lot of worry, looks very heavy.Look carefully again, you will find that can can’s body has many bruises and blood scabs.Large swathes of bruising and spots of blood scabs vied with each other, occupying most of the area on Can Can’s body.Even if you are a careful person, it is hard to find a piece of good skin on cancan’s body.Seeing this, some people may be surprised: “Can can was abused?Was he physically assaulted by someone?What happened to this little boy?”In fact, Can can did not suffer from domestic violence.On the contrary, Can can’s mother loves him very much. She has always loved him since she brought him into this world.In 2009, Can Can was born in Xianfeng Village, Maqiao Town, Haining City, Zhejiang Province.Can can’s parents are ordinary workers in a shoe factory. The couple also have a daughter.The arrival of Can-can made this ordinary family gather together a word “good”.The couple, with a son and daughter, work in a shoe factory during the day.In the evening, a family of four stay together in a small room of only ten square meters.Life is not rich, but ordinary also have happiness.This thought, life will be so simple in the birth of happiness day by day.The children grow up, the couple grow old together, and things get better.But the good times didn’t last.Can Can, who was eight months old, had a fever of 40 degrees one night.Can can not only had a high fever, but also was covered with many strange little red spots.The couple looked at the young can can’s red face because of fever, anxious.Seek medical advice everywhere, but have no what too big effect.Can can was young and had a high fever, which made the couple feel distressed.Just as they planned to take Can can to continue to receive treatment, all of a sudden, Can can’s fever subsided.Cancan’s parents thought that God had mercy on their family, so they saved the poor child.Even as the family rejoiced in the abating of the fever and thanked the gods for their blessings, something worse happened.Unexpectedly, the fever receded is not the body recovery, all good sign, but the calm before the storm.When Can can had a fever, the little red dot grew like a virus, which rapidly replicated and divided, and then invaded most of the skin on his lower body.Since then, Can can’s body has become very fragile.His skin seemed to have turned into a thin film and would bleed at the slightest hard touch.For example, when turning around, a small heart touched the wall, such as walking did not stand on the table corner of the strength a little bit bigger.For other normal children, these things are completely ignored.But for Can Can, these things will make his blood gushing.Can can’s body was not only easily injured, but also the wound was not easy to heal and the blood was not easy to stop.When a wound appears in the body of a normal person, the blood stops in a short time.This is because there are things called platelets in the blood.Platelets have the function of clotting, which helps stop blood and help wounds heal.However, the platelets in Cancan’s body seem to have become a “rare species”, and the number is extremely small.Therefore, the coagulation function of Can can’s body was almost completely lost, and the blood flow would be difficult to stop.Fu Weiqin, Can Can’s mother, took him to many famous hospitals in China for treatment.She entered the hospital again and again with high hopes, and each time she left disappointed.The child bled again and again, and sought medical help again and again in vain.The mother’s heart was rubbed repeatedly on the thorny ground.The poor, great mother had not yet known the cause of her child, but the divorce papers from her husband.Before, we mentioned cancan’s family situation. Four members of his family live in a small room of ten square meters.The only decent home appliance in the house was an old television that often “snowed”.The cost of seeking medical care for Cancan over the years has added to the family’s woes.Not only did he spend all his savings, but he also ran up a huge foreign debt.Relatives would say, “You did the best you could with this child.The doctor said that there was no way, so just stay at home and watch the baby, and don’t throw money into it.Ask for another while you’re young.”However, Fu Weiqin is not willing to, this is her pregnancy in October off the meat……It was her failure to give the child a healthy body.Already sorry him, how can you just give up, let him die?She can’t do it.But Can can’s father was at the end of his rope.He divorced Cancan’s mother and took her healthy eldest daughter with him, leaving them behind.A woman is weak, a mother is strong.Her husband’s departure did not make Fu weiqin waver in her belief in seeing her children’s doctors.From can Can’s eight months to the age of ten, she took care of the “porcelain doll” with great care.At the same time, she took Can can to see doctors everywhere. If she heard that some hospitals had better technology in the treatment of blood diseases, she would rush there immediately with her children.You can always see an emaciated mother with her sick son. The back of the mother and her son are weak, helpless, exhausted, but still revealing a sense of determination.Although can can’s body is fragile, but also growing up day by day, can can also in the teacher’s double care to enter the school to study.But can can’s unusual physique became the subject of discussion among his neighbors and classmates, who gave him the name “Blood Child”.Fu Weiqin felt very painful when she heard what they called Cancan.She was more determined to cure her son’s disease, she must let his son become normal, can become bold run bold jump.Can can’s disease as if heard fu Weiqin’s determination, so want to formally hair hair power call this weak woman see.One day in September 2013.Can can was doing his homework as usual when suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his stomach.He felt the smell of blood rising from his body and out of his throat.He leaned forward and instantly dyed the paper red with a big mouthful of blood.Fu Weiqin rushed can can to the hospital, the doctor examination came to the conclusion: digestive tract bleeding.Ten-year-old Can can could have died at any time because he could not stop the bleeding.The doctor in Hangzhou said he could do nothing about Yu’s illness, saying, “The child may not make it, you can go home and prepare for the future.”Fu Weiqin heard the words of the heart instantly tightened, heartache can not breathe.Maybe that’s how it feels.However, doctors in Hangzhou told Fu Weiqin.A hospital in Suzhou had come into contact with such a situation. If she wanted to, she could take Can can there to have a try.If so?Fu Weiqin did not hesitate to take can can overnight train to Suzhou.On the train, can can still vomit blood situation.Fu Weiqin held Can Can’s hand tightly, not daring to blink an eye.I was afraid that after I missed a second, can can would not breathe.Fortunately, Can can made it to Suzhou.The doctor introduced that can can’s disease can be cured through bone marrow transplant.But a bone marrow transplant requires a match.Treatable?Can cure, Fu Weiqin repeated again and again in his heart.She read these four words again and again.She couldn’t believe that today was the answer she’d prayed for for ten years.After a comparison, sister can can’s bone marrow and can can successfully match, sister did not hesitate to decide to donate bone marrow for his brother.The older sister was taken away by her father, but she still loves her younger brother.All that’s left is half a million dollars.Five hundred thousand?In the past ten years, in order to cure Cancan’s illness, the family had no savings and owed a lot of foreign debt.Where did she Fu Weiqin find half a million dollars?After learning about Can can’s situation, the hospital teamed up with local TV media to launch a social charity fundraising campaign for him.As soon as the campaign began, the public began to respond.They wanted to reach out to a family that had been ravaged by disease for a decade.The operation was in progress, while Can can was waiting for the right time to operate.Just when Fu Weiqin was about to leave the darkness, the accident happened again.Fate seems to be a deliberate trick, and seems to be unintentional arrangement.A few days before the operation, Can can’s life was pushed to the edge of life and death again.Can can vomited blood again, this time a pink critically ill notice was sent to Fu Weiqin’s hands, can can once again gastrointestinal bleeding.Once again, the red light of can-can’s life is flashing.Fu Weiqin came out of the doctor’s office in a trance back to the ward, she said to everyone she met about her child’s condition.”I was going to have an operation, I was going to be fine after the operation, and now I’m bleeding so much that the doctor gave me a critical notice.”She repeated it over and over to everyone she met on the way to the ward.As if one more person to listen to her, her heart pain can be less.In fact, on the contrary, every time repeated, Fu Weiqin’s heart will be broken one more.But she pulled herself together just before she stepped into the hospital room. She couldn’t let her son see her worry and fear.”It is better to know the son than the mother.”The opposite is also true.Mother and son to heart, can can how can not see the mother’s heart sad and despair?Can can’s hands, full of needles, touched Fu Weiqin’s hair, and his eyes filled with tears, which was one of the few times that Can can shed tears in front of his mother.He looked at his mother’s sunken eyes and choked up and said to his mother, “Mom, if I can’t make it, I’ll donate all my useful organs.I’ve been a burden to you all these years. Let me be of use to someone else for once.They can put my organs in the world and stay with you instead of me.”Fu Weiqin listened to this sentence how can also bear to live, she held her son wailed.Why, is she fu Weiqin did anything wrong, god to punish her and her poor son again and again?Every time she thought she was grasping at a straw, every time she thought she had seen a little light.With a random wave of her hand, the things she had been waiting for and reading for so long vanished in an instant.And this is about taking her son’s life.Maybe god finally felt her call.This time can can was miraculously rescued again.Doctors immediately performed a bone marrow transplant for Cancan.When his sister’s hematopoietic stem cells were injected into his body, can can’s immune system was re-established.Fu Weiqin prayed again and again outside the surgery, again and again in the heart of his children: “Can can, must hold on ah, mother is waiting for you outside, do not be afraid, must hold on ah.”In the operating room, Can can may have heard his mother’s call, and he successfully completed the operation.Doctors say that most children with this disease do not survive this moment, but Can can did.After the operation, after the careful care of doctors, Can can was discharged smoothly after two months of observation.Can can finally wanton laugh, wanton run jump.I don’t have to worry about getting hurt, and I don’t have to spend all day with gauze to stop bleeding.In this brilliant diagnosis and treatment on the road, we have seen the strength of a mother.Can can is lucky to have a mother who never abandons him.He met strangers who cared about him and helped him, kind and warm-hearted.It was because of them that Can can escaped from the darkest valley floor.The world is also lucky to have such a sweet and kind little angel.Can can at the moment of his own life.He also wants to donate his useful organs to help others.He does not take help for granted because he is weak.Instead, he is trying his best to help others.Although Can can does not have a healthy body, he has a pure and flawless mind.The story of the Blood boy is over.But the boy’s brilliant life had just begun.He has a lot of good things ahead of him.Let’s wish him all the best and hope that can can learn more about life after such a life ordeal.Learn to go on with the beauty of the world, to meet his new life.