Ren Ziwei gold deserved, Liu Shaolin results cancelled not wronged, high-tech answers

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Wu Dajing of China competed for gold in the men’s 1,000m short track speed skating final at the Winter Olympics in China.Let all & amp;Li Wenlong and Hungarian brothers Liu Shao-ang and Liu Shao-lin, after a thrilling competition, China’s Ren Ziwei won the gold medal in a dramatic way!The suspense in the game happened after the end of the game, after the final verification of the referee, the first to cross the line of the Hungarian player Liu Shaolin foul first, cancel the result.And the high-tech on site also gives the answer!The fathers of the two Hungarian brothers are Chinese, so before the final, wang Meng, the famous short track speed skater, said that the gold medal was won by Our Country in advance, because the five athletes are from our country.And after the start of the game, all players ran half of the race the referee stopped the game, the results turned out to be a player in the game disconnect the ice skates finally, and for the athletes on the safe side, must stop play, then back into the game again, at this time, for every player is a big impact, especially the older players, so the oldest Wu Dajing is “the most disadvantaged”.After the match resumed, it was obvious that Wu dajing’s physical strength had been severely depleted, which had a great impact on his subsequent competition.But after some competition, the last lap almost became liu Shaolin and Ren Ziwei two people race for the championship, the other three were far behind.And touch the end at the last, two players even both fell to the ground directly, but shao-lin liu has obvious advantage, the commentator huang jianxiang and wang meng is not sure who will be the final gold medal, but as the project athletes from wang meng said, looked at the last, both of them have a contact, as to how to found depends on how the referee to decide.And in the scene of slow motion for many replays of the time, Wang Meng said excitedly, this gold medal is Ren Ziwei, Liu Shaolin two foul!Slow motion also gave the answer. Liu’s first foul came when he was passing Ren Ziwei, and he fouled on the blue lane, so it was a foul, and then fouled at the last minute, so it was a straight forfeit.For such a result, Liu Shaolin is unable to accept, but not wronged, after all, there is the truth, but also high-tech to let everyone see clearly the result, The Chinese players finally won the gold medal deserved!Congratulations to the Chinese team!