Stay awake, women can love but don’t be trapped in love!

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If a man is in love with you, it is too easy to lose it. If a woman is in love with a man, it is difficult to escape from it.Therefore, since ancient times, women are more likely to be trapped in love, ancient women deeply in love to break through the shackles of the matchmaker and parental opposition, and finally abandoned and tortured.Too spoony woman, ending will not be too good.A woman can love, but only love 5 minutes, stay awake 5 minutes.Love Yourself This is the premise of all things. It doesn’t mean buying things for yourself. Loving yourself means recognizing your limitations and accepting yourself, focusing on your feelings and not fighting with yourself, respecting your existence and affirming your worth.They are independent in spirit and personality and do not depend on anyone. They do not regard other people’s life as their meaning of life (including their children). They are not easily swayed and manipulated by others, do not accept others’ frame of themselves, and do not transform themselves and disguise themselves for others.Accept impermanence. The only constant in this world is change itself. Feelings are fluid.Relationship is fluid, there is meet there is farewell;Fortune is fluid, and with prosperity comes adversity.Keep an open mind, 5 points into the game 5 points in the world, everything is fate, let nature take its course.Enjoy this road of lonely life, after all, it is to face alone, the joys and sorrows to get lost need to taste their own, love can not resist loneliness, do not match the relationship but let loneliness more lonely.Reciprocal giving and giving should be basically equal. If there is no response, you should stop and watch and wait. This is not calculation.A clear understanding of their ability to know their ceiling and also know their potential, only a clear understanding of their own women will not be praised, will not be manipulated by the spirit, neither humble nor pushy, have freedom.Never give up on improving yourself physically and spiritually. You are the foundation of everything.Zhu Zhu said, “Let her have it. There are many men.” A woman of high value is not afraid to meet a man who can not match her.Have a ‘you’re fine and I’m not bad’ balance.A woman who has her own spiritual backyard and rich spiritual level will not be overwhelmed by the love of this one thing.I’m busy too. If you don’t come, I’ll go by myself.Don’t do meaningless struggle, don’t be trapped in freedom, don’t be trapped in love can’t open the pattern, don’t be anyone anything.