To help win the battle against the epidemic, Meixin Health started selling self-testing products for COVID-19 antigen

2022-04-19 0 By

Since March 2022, a new round of COVID-19 has hit many places in China, and the prevention and control situation has become complicated and severe. In response to the call of the Party and the government, Maxin Health has actively engaged in the fight against the epidemic. The Novel Coronavirus antigen test was launched as soon as possible to rapidly cover and supply the people in need, contributing to the prevention and control of the epidemic across the country.Magnesia Health is one of the earliest platforms in China to launch the sales of self-test products for COVID-19 antigen. The first novel Coronavirus (2019-NCOV) antigen test kits have been on the shelves of Magnesia Health online since March 17 with a guard price of RMB 21.8. Consumers can place an order online to complete the self-test.As a supplementary means of screening for certain people, antigen detection is beneficial to improve the ability of “early discovery”, can directly against will be coronavirus in specific protein (antigen), in the acute phase of rapid detection positive cases of infection, can be used as a supplementary detection means of specific population screening for optimization will be coronavirus detection strategies and epidemic prevention and control plays an important role as a whole.The launch of the COVID-19 antigen test kit for the first time reflects The service and technical capabilities of Meixin Health and the courage to take social responsibility.As a leading innovative medical and health service platform in the industry, Meixin Health has been actively helping epidemic prevention and control, proactively assuming corporate social responsibility, and striving to practice the corporate vision of “everyone is guaranteed, the whole family enjoys health”.For example, in order to ensure the medication of patients during the epidemic, the designated pharmacies of Magnesium-Xin Health Joint Cooperation made drug dispensing according to the medication needs of patients and provided door-to-door service for patients.In addition to ensuring the needs of patients, Meixin Health has also cooperated with pharmacies to provide services such as epidemic prevention materials and price guarantee for epidemic prevention materials in affected areas, and donated love materials and provided support and assistance to front-line anti-epidemic workers to facilitate epidemic prevention and control.The epidemic is still going on. In the coming battle, Meixin Health will continue to adhere to corporate social responsibility, give full play to its own value, integrate the forces of insurance, medical care, technology, medicine and many other industries, help to defeat the epidemic as soon as possible, and provide health protection for more families in the epidemic.