Under the banner of Wuhuan, China’s post-00s generation shows the power of striving youth

2022-04-19 0 By

Over the past two days at the Beijing Winter Olympics, China’s “post-00s” young athletes have given us a lot of surprises.Gu Ailing, 18, won the gold medal of women’s freestyle ski platform on The morning of August 8.Su Yiming, 17, won the silver medal in men’s snowboard slopestyle on Sunday morning.Li Wenlong, 21, won the silver medal in men’s 1,000m short-track speed skating on Sunday night.This is our Chinese “00s generation”!Proud of you!Shining dream, polished by struggle.The Olympic Games is the arena of the athletes, but also the place where the youth dream set sail.Under the Five-ring flag, youth is the eternal melody. It is the dream of all athletes to win the gold medal and blossom their youth in the Olympic Games.Just two days, one gold and two silver, China after the “00”, respectively, in different track competitive level to show the youth elegant demeanour, got their own flowers and applause, we deduce the life can have a few back to beat, the true meaning of love spell will win, for the best, we interpret the struggle of the youth struggle of the youth’s brightest implications,Witness the “win glory for the country” in any era is ignited the Chinese people’s passion for the power engine.With dreams, opportunities and struggles, all good things are possible to be created.When young people thrive, China will thrive, and when young people are strong, China will thrive.Sports carry the dream of national prosperity and rejuvenation.Every time the five-star red flag rises in the Olympic Games, how many Chinese people are overwhelmed with emotion and tears, which is the display of sports charm and the release of dream pursuit power.From Chen Jingkai creating the first world record in Chinese sports history, to Rong Guotuan winning the first world champion of new China, to Xu Haifeng shooting the first Olympic gold medal for China…The development of sports in China is a history of constantly breaking records and filling gaps. It has left unforgettable moments and proud memories for us in the international sports arena, and has become an important witness of China’s transformation from a sports country to a sports power.Today, the Chinese delegation at the Beijing Winter Olympics is shining with new stars. The “post-00s” generation has shown the charm of “one wave is stronger than the other” with the courage of “the waves behind the Yangtze River are pushing the waves before”, and the whole country has cheered and praised them.The spirit of sports reflects the national spirit;The younger generation represents the national image.The development and progress of China’s sports needs to be promoted and created by generations of people.In recent years, many Olympic MEDALS have been won, leaving behind moving memories of Chinese sports.From the Tokyo Olympic Games last year Yang Qian, full red chan, to this year’s Beijing Olympics Su Yi, GuAiLing, after “00” in a unique way for showcasing and refresh the belongs to the people of his generation “presence” and “struggle”, let the five-star red flag rising, the national anthem played again and again, this not only prove that our country sports enterprise, feelings, and having qualified successorsIt shows that China will always be a firm follower and practitioner of the Olympic ideal, and it also shows that China is full of vigor and vitality as it enters a new era.Snow and ice usher in spring, vientiane renewal.Under the banner of Wuhuan, China’s “post-00s” for the struggle of youth “unveiled”, not afraid of strong hands, couragingly, repeated achievements, with China’s speed, China’s power “slide” to pursue the dream of the Olympic new height.This is a great encouragement for the Chinese children marching on the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way, encouraging the majority of “foreseeable youth” to write their regret-free youth on the road to pursue their dreams, and to “bright brand” their youth with “terrible future”.(Lin Wei, Southcn.com)