Anhua’s “100-day crackdown” on illegal vehicles

2022-04-20 0 By

On the afternoon of January 27, anhua County transportation Bureau combined with the county traffic police brigade, more than 20 law enforcement personnel braving the wind and rain, divided into 3 groups in the county 3 important intersection to carry out Spring Festival “road police” joint law enforcement action, inspection vehicles 82 times, verified illegal operation of 12 vehicles.A silhouette of anhua county’s crackdown on illegal vehicles.Recently, the county the in-depth implementation of transportation, we the county, the county government series of safety production deployment, with crucial “one hundred days” actions as an opportunity to form daily patrol, twice a week for the consolidation of railway police law enforcement mechanism, increase of illegal operations, overrun overload vehicles crackdown, strengthen the management of urban traffic comprehensive transport market order.So far, 380 law-enforcement officers have been dispatched, 36 vehicles have been deployed, and 40 cases have been investigated and dealt with.According to the anhua County transportation Bureau, they will continue to increase the law enforcement crackdown on illegal behavior, promote the “100-day attack” special action to the depth of development, further investigation and rectification of transportation industry safety production important links and outstanding problems, fully implement the industry supervision responsibility, to create safe traffic.