By the end of November, the central urban area of Baoding city had achieved full coverage of garbage classification

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On February 24, the city held a on-site observation meeting on garbage classification, and announced the goal of garbage classification in 2022, striving to achieve full coverage of garbage classification in the central city by the end of November.Lijing Blue Bay Community is one of the units that completed the waste classification intelligent device launch in Lianchi District in August 2019. On the morning of the same day, the exhibition began at the waste classification centralized drop booth at the north gate of Lijing Blue Bay Area B.Participants all the way to observe, all the way to listen to the relevant units for experience introduction.The on-site demonstration and data display mainly focused on the operation of garbage classification equipment, big data and intelligent disposal, and grassroots popularization of science.Liu Xiumin, garbage sorting instructor of Lijing Lanwan Community, said that in order to get closer to residents and integrate garbage sorting habits into residents’ lives, the community has held many activities.For example, 21-day classification punching challenge, domestic garbage classification theme debate competition, children’s talent show, etc., and set up garbage classification guide in each centralized garbage classification kiosk, with instructors to guide.It is reported that in recent years, The city has attached great importance to the classification of household garbage. In 2019, baoding Formulated and released the Implementation Plan of Urban Household garbage Classification, comprehensively starting the work.With the development of community publicity, door-to-door guidance and other work, the concept of garbage classification has gradually become popular.By the end of 2021, the garbage classification work has reached the forefront of the province.It is understood that the municipal household garbage classification leading group office has formulated the goals of the city’s garbage classification work in 2022: by the end of November, the implementation of lianchi district upgrade household garbage classification demonstration area project construction;Jingxiu District, High-tech Zone, Qingyuan District, Xushui District and Mancheng District have achieved full coverage of household garbage classification;In other counties (cities) and baigou New City management Committee, the coverage rate of household garbage reached 70%.Meng Qingliang, deputy director of baoding Municipal household garbage Classification Office and a researcher of the municipal law enforcement Bureau, said that the provincial party Committee and the provincial government attach great importance to household garbage classification. It is the general trend and the will of the people to do a good job of garbage classification, which cannot be separated from the joint efforts of the government, enterprises, communities and every resident.Next, the city will continue to work hard to improve, and strive to achieve full coverage of garbage classification in the central city by the end of November.(Lu Xuezhu, Journalist trainee, Liu Yuxuan)