Dong Chengfei’s latest whereabouts exposed, has just joined billions of private assets rui County, performance?

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Top flow fund manager Dong Chengfei latest exposure!Private network monitoring data shows that Dong Chengfei has joined 10 billion private equity Shanghai Ruijun Asset Management Co., LTD., which also means that the former “Xingquan three swordsmen” again, but this time is in the private industry.Hsing Quan has been the flagship company in the public offering industry. After several rounds of name changes, the latest name of the company is hsing Shing Global Fund Management Limited.Dong Chengfei joined the Rui County assets, is also a 10 billion private equity, the company’s core figure Du Changyong and Wang Xiaoming are xingquan veteran.The chairman of Ruijun Asset is Du Changyong, former deputy general manager of Xing Securities Global Fund, and the partner Wang Xiaoming is former deputy general manager and investment director of Xing Securities Global Fund. The two companies merged in 2020.After the merger, Ruijun Asset focused on equity investment, deeply ploughed the field of stock bond combination, is the head participant of the stock bond combination market.Against current fund managers Dong Chengfei private, has joined billions assets in September 2003, private equity firm county xing the former general manager Yang dong in the world, namely billions private NingQuan assets Yang dong Dong Chengfei recruitment into the company founder, Dong Chengfei start from the industry researcher, fund manager assistant, step by step, grow up to be with the global, deputy general manager of investment of fixed number of year nearly 15 years.Dong chengfei is also a top-flow fund manager, managing more than 50 billion yuan with an annualized return of nearly 20%. The returns of Xing All-trend Investment Mix and Xing All-global Vision stocks reached 321.08% and 360.14% respectively during his tenure.Dong Chengfei resigned from the public to join the private equity, not suddenly.On October 19, 2021, Dong Chengfei resigned as fund manager. At the same time, Xingquan Trend Fund hired Xie Zhiyu and Dong Li as fund manager to manage the fund together with former fund manager Tong LAN.Xing Xin Vision fund by the replacement of the management of the house.In his letter to fund holders, Dong said that investing is a practice that requires continuous improvement, and that he wanted to “try to make some new explorations in investing.”On January 21 this year, Xing Securities Global Fund issued a notice, in the notice on the Resignation of deputy General Manager, announcing that Dong Chengfei would leave the company’s deputy general manager for “personal reasons” on January 21, 2022.On February 14, Dong Chengfei’s fund qualification has been changed to Ruijun Assets, which also means that the former “Xingquan three swordsmen” will continue to work together in the ten billion private equity platform.Ruijun Asset was established in 2015. After the merger with Xingju Investment, the company’s scale increased to ten billion yuan. At present, the company’s core figures include Du Changyong and Wang Xiaoming, both of whom are veteran investors of Xingquan Group.On July 17, 2020, Xingju Investment, founded by Wang Xiaoming, and Ruizhen Asset, founded by Du Changyong, announced the merger of the two companies, positioning to build a new platform of “equity +” with equity as the core, the combination of equity and debt, and flexible allocation. The company positioned itself as a leading participant in the domestic stock and debt combination market.Du Changyong is good at convertible bond investment. He once managed the first convertible bond fund in A stock market. Wang Xiaoming is good at equity investment.Since the beginning of the year, Rui County assets has put on record issued 6 private funds.From the performance point of view, Rui County assets annual income ***%, stronger than the majority vote strategy 10 billion private placement.Dong Chengfei’s latest whereabouts exposed, has just joined billions of private equity Rui County assets, how is the performance?Many billions of private equity from xingquan, Fu Pengbo stage bottom in the private equity circle, there have been many billions of fund managers from Xingquan fund, in addition to the Dong Chengfei went to rui County assets, Wide yuan assets Xu Jingde, Big Park assets Yan Keyi, Ningquan assets Yang Dong, are “Xingquan department”.In addition, 10 billion public fund manager Rui Yuan Fund Fu Pengbo also used to work in xingquan fund.From the year’s earnings, xing all department of private fund managers better performance.Dong Chengfei’s latest whereabouts exposed, has just joined billions of private equity Rui County assets, how is the performance?Yang dong was the general manager of Xingquan Fund Management Co., LTD. Before establishing Ningquan Asset in January 2018, Yang Dong officially started his private career.In April 2020, Ningquan asset management scale station ten billion mark, successfully promoted ten billion private placement.In January this year, Ningquan asset also issued the first equity strategy fund in the year.Xu Jingde is a private equity fund manager with brokerage background. He has served successively as investment manager of Industrial Securities Investment Department, Assistant general manager of Asset Management Department, General manager of Securities investment Department and General manager of asset management branch.In May 2014, Xu Jingde founded Kuanyuan Asset, which is also a private equity fund of 10 billion yuan.Although the company’s performance this year has losses, but the overall performance in the same scale private placement upstream.In the market, “five times as many people in one year, five times as few people in five years”, only a few people can sustain their performance.Kuanyuan Asset adheres to the value investment philosophy and is committed to finding great enterprises that can grow continuously through cycles, believing in the power of long-term investment.Yan Keyi also worked in Industrial Securities from 1998 to 2012, successively serving as investment manager of the proprietary department, general manager of the Asset Management Department and director of the Research Institute. In 2012, he set up Shanghai Dapu Asset And Xizang Dapu Investment independently.Since February fund issued cold, Xizang Park investment has put on record 5 new funds.Since 2022, the stock market has been sharply adjusted, fund managers have also recorded positive returns, but Wang Xiaoming has maintained positive returns, leading with ***% returns.Wang Xiaoming’s representative fund “Citic Xingju Phase 1 Management securities Investment” has been established for more than 7 years, with an annualized return of more than 10%. During the same period, the market retracement reached 46.07%, and the fund retracement was only ***%.Fupengbo of Ruiyuan Fund is also the fund manager of “Xingquan Department”. From July 2008 to June 2018, Fupengbo served as deputy general Manager, Assistant general Manager, director of research department and fund manager in Xingquan Fund.Rui Yuan Growth Value Hybrid A, which is managed by Fu Pengbo, is down 12.43% this year as of Feb. 16.As of the end of the fourth quarter, the fund’s top 10 holdings were SAN ‘an Optoelectronics, Lixun Precision, China Mobile, Oriental Yuhong, Weining Health, Dazu Laser, Wanhua Chemical, Lead Intelligence, Geely Auto and China Porcelain Materials, according to the fund announcement.