Genius girl Gu Ailing wins gold!There are three things gu does that are the ceiling of education

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Who is the hottest sports star this winter? It must be gu Ailing, a skateboarder who came out of nothing and is called a “genius girl” by netizens.Just this morning, China’s Gu Ailing won the women’s freestyle platform final with a score of 188.25 points.This was not only her first individual Gold medal in the Winter Olympics, but also a new history of ice and snow in China, becoming an epic figure.Gu Ailing, named “genius girl”, how excellent is she?”Genius girl” has always been the most dazzling label on Gu’s body. Many people on the Internet have commented on her like this. So how strong is Gu?First of all, Gu won the National junior ski championship at the age of 9 and the National under 13 slope slalom championship at the age of 11.She has won six gold, two silver and one bronze MEDALS in international competitions.It can be said that as long as she participated in the competition, she basically won a prize.Secondly, her excellence is not only in skiing. In skiing training, Gu Was admitted to Stanford University with a full score of 20 points less.At the same time, Gu also has a figure in the fashion circle, a variety of well-known fashion magazines at home and abroad have published her photos.It can be said that Gu Is an excellent child in all aspects, and she has no choice in family background, profession, speech or appearance. Such a child’s starting point and vision are beyond the reach of ordinary families.Such a legendary story, presumably the protagonist in the novel dare not have so much halo, and to see such a treasure girl, can not help but let us wonder, what kind of excellent family, to cultivate such an excellent child?Gu Ailing, who was born in 2003, is a chinese-American half-breed.Gu’s mother, Gu Yan, is a Beijing native who graduated from an American university with Gu’s father.Gu’s parents, who are also gifted students, can provide their daughter better financially. Gu and Gu love sports in their spare time. Gu’s mother, Gu Yan, is a part-time ski instructor, so Gu Has been interested in skiing since childhood.But skiing is not gu’s only sport. In addition to skiing, gu also plays piano, ballet, cross-country running, football, basketball, horseback riding and rock climbing. Her parents will always support and accompany her whenever she wants to try.She wanted to choose freestyle skiing. Although her mother knew it was a high-risk sport, she did not stop her immediately. Instead, she respected and supported her daughter’s wish after careful consideration.I have to say that Gu Could not have achieved such remarkable results without her own efforts and persistence. But behind all this, it is more due to her parents’ silent support and encouragement. What is more admirable is their subtle influence.Compared with life, those who are parents bitter ha ha ground according to their head for children to learn a variety of hobbies, GuAiLing parents can go to do exactly the opposite, in the process of children’s study, to do more is to accompany and support, never force, so that children can according to their own continue to choose the road of life, and on this road go further.When Gu was a child, her mother once said in a speech that she thought the secret of success was to let her children sleep for “10 hours” every day.This may be difficult or even unrealistic for Chinese children, especially as statistics released by the National Health Commission last year showed that 98 percent of primary school students in China do not get enough sleep.Gu has been able to sleep for 10 hours a day since she was a child. She says that only with good sleep can she have energy to do other things. In this regard, Gu’s mother beats almost 99% of her parents.Gu said she would never ask her children to be perfect.Instead, they will teach their children to accept their own imperfections and not to give themselves so much bondage. Children grow up with such support and encouragement, and children naturally become closer to their mothers, but also take their mothers as an example, and strive to catch up or surpass them.3) there is no condition to support the child’s interest in GuAiLing has said in his documentary, myself when I was a child, my mother every day to drive eight hours back and forth with oneself to go skiing, that alone few parents can do it, it is not only the factors of money, and parents’ love and attention, so that children grow up, if not the world champion,But it must also be sparkling.Kojima would like to say: “People are used to calling Gu” a genius girl “, but even if a genius girl can achieve such brilliant achievements, in addition to good genes, it is also due to her own and other people around her persistent efforts, these efforts can not be summed up in the word “genius”.Therefore, if parents want their children to achieve extraordinary achievements in the future, rather than blindly forcing them, they should take their children to experience and encourage them when their willpower is not strong enough. This is what parents should do most for their children.