Hangzhou No.2 Middle School principal CAI Xiaoxiong’s opening speech: Strive for quality, move forward courageously, and move forward together to the future

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Zhejiang news client reporter Ji Yao Linjing correspondent Qiu Mingfeng today, many places in my province ushered in the opening ceremony of primary and secondary schools.CAI Xiaoxiong, party secretary and principal of Hangzhou No. 2 Middle School, reviewed the core qualities of two people with all teachers and students at the opening ceremony.He told the students, high goal, high level, is the two people’s persistent pursuit of excellence;Tree zhengqi, take the right path, is the two people of life;The ability of independent development is where the vitality and spiritual charm of two people lie.To tell the truth, do practical things, two people have always advocated the pragmatic sail.In the end, President CAI encouraged the students: “Where quality is, is where spirit is, is where strength is.An upward heart, a strength to plough deep, this is our greatest certainty to deal with the uncertainty of the future.”Teachers and students: Happy Year of the Tiger!Good new term!The footsteps of the Spring Festival have been walked in the yuanxiao’s bonfire tree and silver flowers, the warm spring kiss has been secured, every tree and plant on the campus of No.2 High School is just releasing the spirit and strength of a winter slowly, they have been written full of affectionate, and we will start a new journey together!This winter holiday, maybe the epidemic has stolen some of our walking space, but it does not steal our spring, do not steal our inner growth.We applauded for the “Baymax” volunteers in No.2 Middle School, cheered for the Chinese women’s football team, and cheered for the winter Olympic athletes who are chasing their dreams. All these made our hearts full of energy again.It’s a new semester, a new hope, and I’d like to take this opportunity to talk to you about the core qualities of two people.Hangzhou 2 school has a history of 123 years, from the fourth period of “honest, diligent, love” to the national zhejiang university affiliated high school of time of zhu “aspire to, hard, for” put forward by the principal, from the 1990 s of the spirit of “high, positive, real” and “independent development” concept, to the later “high level, high level and high quality, fast” value pursuit,The continuous efforts, inheritance and development of the two people from generation to generation have created the core quality of “lofty, upright, independent and pragmatic”.To adhere to this quality, let us know more about the mission and value of the two people, let us always brave difficulties, dare to challenge, the pursuit of excellence, together to the future!Students, together to the future of the road, “gao Yuan” is the lighthouse in front of us.High goal, high level, is two people’s persistent pursuit of excellence.Every chapter in the glorious course of No. 2 Middle School is full of the pure heart of striving for the rejuvenation of China, and active people pursuing their dreams for a better world.Dear students, you are living in an era of rapid change. In the trend of The Times, individuals are small, but it is when people feel their own smallness that their behavior becomes great.Samuel Ullman, American poet, said, “Youth is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter of the will, a quality of the ideal, a vigor of the emotions.”You should have the courage to ask your own life, to the era of asking: what is youth?What is the era?The future has come, and the road ahead will inevitably be full of temptations. We should take the loyalty of the family and the country as the unchanging background, and the spirit of fighting to overcome difficulties as the bright color, so as to constantly refresh the country’s expectations for the youth.The future has come, and the road ahead will inevitably be difficult. We must pack our bags with the highest pursuit of love and the desire for the unknown, and become the inexhaustible force that always inspires in our hearts.Only with a clear mind and an eye for the future can we better chase the waves and lead the future in the current of The Times.Students, on the way to the future, “zhengqi” is the sunshine above our head.Tree zhengqi, take the right path, is the two people of life.Open two school history, Yu Dafu wrote a lot of patriotic chapter, Song Junfu in the Olympic Games after the world stage with a speech to expose the “9 · 18″ truth, Feng Zhongyun led the northeast Anti-japanese, Dong Xiwen drawing on the founding ceremony, Chang Shuhong guard Dunhuang art, Channing regardless of the block resolutely returned to effect…”By the light in the courtyard, by the light in the world, according to the quartet”, the two alumni of the sunshine, lit up the chest of the two people, lit up the earth of China.The two people in the new era have always been adhering to the virtues of their predecessors, with benevolence and responsibility, raising crowdfunding for left-behind children, paying attention to the living conditions of homeless people and caring for Alzheimer’s patients.Only when we walk into the sunshine can we turn our back on the shadow. I hope you can be honest, speak and act correctly. I hope you can learn to listen to, speak and distinguish voices, so as to spread positive energy for our times and society.Students, together to the future of the road, “independent” is our engine.The ability of independent development is where the vitality and spiritual charm of two people lie.The ticket to the future society is not just a degree, but the ability to study independently.Only by maintaining independent learning ability and learning knowledge of a higher level can we better embody the value of human……This era is like a high-speed train speeding up. Only through independent learning and independent thinking can we get a longer ticket.As Aristotle said, “The ultimate value of life lies in awareness and the ability to think, not merely in survival.”We can not see difficulties lie flat, encounter confusion to wave.The road ahead may be full of fog and thorns, but if we can let our independent learning and independent thinking power guide us, and awaken the inner drive of our lives, we are sure to find the direction to reach the other shore, and inspire and retain the majestic power to rise to the top.Students, together to the future of the road, “pragmatic” is our sailing sails.To tell the truth and do practical things, the two people have always advocated to raise the pragmatic sail, escort our dreams, boost the dream ship to ride the wind and waves.Step, all for the front, person’s life only come out of the wonderful, not so brilliant.Spring night dance poetic drama “only the green” fire cut in again, it let us feel the famous ancient paintings “Trinidad Jiang Shantu precipitation in one thousand, the painting is the youth Wang Ximeng lasted 18 rectified fall in love, and dance to the traditional culture deduced to get incisively and vividly so it is also the creative team behind and dancer carefully creation and practical rehearsal day after day.Pragmatic is a style, is also a spirit, but also a kind of ability.It does not seem so passionate and emotional, but it allows us to calm down and settle down, to think about the distance to achieve the ideal, to recognize the conditions to achieve the goal, to implement the various efforts to reach the dream.No one is born a hero, no one is born a hero, we should remain modest and pragmatic style, deeply cultivate their dreams, like an exponential function with a base greater than 1, keep their infinite growth, continue to push the spirit of the second high school peak.Dear students, now we are on the grand journey of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. I hope that you can integrate your youthful ideals into the development of the country, anchor your goals, pay the greatest respect to your ideals with pragmatism, sail forward courageously, and make steady progress. I believe that the direction of ambition will never be far.Students, quality, is where the spirit, is where the power.An upward heart, a deep strength, this is the greatest certainty for us to deal with the uncertainty of the future.The new semester, the New Year, let us continue to strive forward, draw the most beautiful Chinese red, continue to work hard and achieve the most beautiful two people;Let us maintain the two people “lofty, upright, independent, pragmatic” core quality, with the strong wind, vigorous energy, swallow the spirit of the tiger, continue to write a new chapter in the second middle school, together beautiful to the future!