Hefei University of Technology promotes the construction of modern Industrial College of intelligent manufacturing

2022-04-20 0 By

On January 24th, Hefei University of Technology held a promotion meeting for the construction of intelligent manufacturing Modern Industrial College.Liang Liang, president of the university attended the meeting, and Liu Zhifeng, vice president of the University Party Committee, presided over the meeting.Liu Zhifeng introduced in detail the proposed construction plan of modern Industrial College from three aspects: construction requirements, application indicators and construction ideas, and explained the construction work in the next step.The participants fully discussed the proposed scheme and put forward their opinions and suggestions.Liang Liang gave full recognition to the work carried out by intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, Undergraduate College and other relevant departments in the early stage of organizing the application and drafting the construction plan.He points out that the construction of the modern industry college to give full play to the school of engineering characteristics and advantages, integration of science and technology innovation and talent agglomeration advantages, adhere to the “train the ability of having both ability and political integrity, excellence, voluntary service the backbone of the country and leading talent” of the overall goal of talents cultivation, the deepening of “thick foundation, working style, strong entrepreneurship” talent training characteristics,Combined with the construction work of the college, we will further promote the innovation and development of the trinity integrated education and teaching system of “moral cultivation, ability orientation, innovation and entrepreneurship”, and cultivate high-level and high-quality application-oriented, compound and innovative leading talents urgently needed for relevant industries.The construction of modern industrial college should fully integrate internal and external resources, based on the original training mode of innovative classes, take “summer school” as the characteristic construction content, carefully design the curriculum system, organically combine the functions of practical training and practice, student innovation and entrepreneurship, enterprise service and technological innovation, etc.We will cooperate with cooperative units to build a professional practice teaching platform with intensive functions, open sharing and efficient operation inside and outside the university, and firmly promote the construction of modern industrial College of the university, ensure the successful completion of all construction tasks, and explore a new model of “double first-class” high-level talents training in universities that can be copied and promoted.(Correspondent: Liu Manyuan, Hefei University of Technology)