High score composition: Beyond self

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Wang Xiusen eighth grade every year sports meeting, always make people happy, this kind of happiness, from the time to choose the project has started.I always, will not be easy to complete the project will be friends for their own “schadenfreude” below.This time the retribution came.In the 800-meter race of the sports meeting, there was just one person missing, and I was picked up by those “victims” in a heckle.A few days later, on a crisp fall afternoon, the sun was obscured by a mist, and the playground, without blinding light, was still uncomfortably hot.The playground at this time of the week is quiet and noisy because of the sports meeting.I was nervous, and helpless to walk on the runway, with the referee to the sky of a gunshot, the 800 meters race began.At the beginning of the run, we seem to regard it as a sprint general rushed forward, see their speed so fast, I have some panic in my heart, this feel long run ahead of the worry, save physical strength, but see this situation also from chaos, struggling to run forward.We are neck and neck, such a situation lasted less than half a circle, some students physical strength, slowly out of the “big army”, I also with those physical strength of the students into the “second echelon”.After just half a circle of physical exertion, the step frequency imperceptibly small down, the pace and breathing frequency gradually began to be inconsistent, chest tightness, breathless, just like the chest was heavily hammered by a fist.The audience cheered me on, but it seemed to make it harder for me to breathe.Even thought of giving up the game, but still for the sake of face, strong support in the “second tier” of the last, so insist.The last half lap, I seem to have adapted to the feeling of breathing difficulties, the remaining half lap is about to end, fight, to run with all my strength, do not leave regret.Then he released his pace, quickened his pace, and began to sprint.The feeling of difficulty in breathing is more intense, but it is always bearable.One by one, I passed everyone in front of me, and when I finally crossed the finish line, I was so tired that I almost collapsed on the ground and found myself in fourth place.The sky cleared and the warm sun shone on the runway.Looking at the runway, all realize: the meaning of life is to constantly break through their own.It is only by facing difficulties alone that new heights can be created.