I am on duty for the Spring Festival | This Spring Festival they guard the “gate of the Sky” in Heze

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Another Spring Festival is coming.People look forward to the renewal of vientiane and work hard in the new journey.The footsteps of the dreamers never stop, from the city to the countryside, from the coast to the frontier, thousands of people sweat on the earth.They have witnessed the development of The Times, enjoyed China’s opportunities, and promoted China’s development.The real life is at the grassroots level.Adhering to the principle of “three approaches” and practicing “change”, dazhong organizes editors and reporters to go deep into different parts of the country, enter the “battlefield” of different industries and the life of different families, listen attentively, record with pen, and tell Chinese stories in the new era with emotion.On The New Year’s Eve of January 30th, the reporter approached a group of lovely people who still stick to the front line of air transportation, and witnessed them sacrifice their own reunion time to guard the reunion night of thousands of families.When the night comes, thousands of reunion, distant relatives hung up red lanterns, thousands of lights filled with the joy of reunion, Heze airport these young people have no time to look back at the bustling city, their attention, always in the city “over”.3 am to midnight The airport weather station remains on duty winter, frequent snowfall weather, thunderstorms, can the flight full of homebound travelers take off or land?At this point, all the eyes of the airport are focused on the same department – aviation department weather observatory.This concern gave tian Xinxin and colleagues in heze Airport aviation department weather station work pressure, but also make them feel the mission in the shoulder.Regardless of the festival or from dawn to midnight, they continue to pay attention to the change of the meteorological situation, looking at the distant sky, thinking of the flights that will take off and land in Heze, as well as the flight back.”If the weather is bad, the weather station is busier.Because the weather directly determines whether the flight can land and take off safely on time.For example, when it rains or snows, the pressure on our observatory is actually the highest.Because at this time, the whole airport is watching to see if the flight can take off or land as normal, depending on the weather conditions that we release.”In an interview, Heze airport aviation department of the weather station Tian Xinxin is to ensure the end of a flight he told reporters: “the child was just born not long, the first Spring Festival can not accompany in the child’s side how much will be a little regret.””I started to work in the civil aviation industry in 2014, and it has been nine years since I didn’t go home for the Spring Festival. My parents complained a little at first, but they once said, ‘There are 365 days in a year, so it’s not bad to do your utmost to fulfill your filial piety.Tian Xinxin told reporters: “At the beginning of my career, I talked with my predecessors and colleagues, and found that everyone felt that this kind of work is very normal. Everyone felt that since they chose this occupation, they would naturally stand on the post of every shift.”Song Yang, from Heilongjiang province, is the head of heze Airport’s flight area management department.According to Song Yang, there are a lot of ordinary work, daily clearance patrol, airport qudiao, high-voltage operation, refrigeration heating equipment operation, runway lights and so on.I am 1992 to attend a job, already 30 years, the most two years because of epidemic situation reason plus heze airport open navigation, did not go home to celebrate the New Year “already two years did not go home to celebrate the New Year song Yang told a reporter:” the family to work also quite understand, sacrifice small family reunion, safeguard everyone safe travel.After all, someone has to do the work!”Feng Ying from Heilongjiang province and Feng Guangming from Zhejiang Province work in different departments of the aviation Department of Heze Airport.”We direct the aircraft to taxi, take off, gain altitude, etc., until it is handed over to the next control unit.Before the plane lands, we take over from the previous control unit of the flight, command the altitude of the plane, etc., until the plane lands in the field and enters the position.Our job is’ air traffic police ‘, “feng said.Feng guangming is a communications navigator who ensures the normal operation of communication, navigation and monitoring equipment.In terms of communication, it mainly guarantees the maintenance of air communication and ground network facilities of controllers.Navigation is that we have several navigation stations on the ground that give signals to aircraft in the air;Monitor aircraft’s real-time signal status, such as its position in the air route.The equipment is maintained by communication navigators.After working in the civil aviation system, Feng Ying and Feng Guangming met and fell in love and went to Work in Heze together in April 2020.They got married in Heze in September 2020 and set up their home in heze.”When I first joined the company, my mother wept secretly because she couldn’t see her daughter during the Spring Festival,” Feng ying, who had just finished a video chat with her mother, told reporters.But after getting familiar with her work, the mother gradually hid her sadness in her heart, understanding and supporting her career, which also emboldened the young airline worker.”Talking about the future, the couple are full of expectations for Heze.They told the public network · poster news reporter: “these two years, heze city development is getting better and better, aircraft, high-speed rail navigation, medical and health conditions are getting better and better, the development of education is thriving, we are full of confidence for children in the growth environment in Heze!”During the whole interview, the most common sentence heard by the reporters of Dazhong · Haibao from various posts in the airport was: “We will escort the passengers when they return home during the Spring Festival Travel rush!”With such a simple idea, heze airport civil aviation people have been ready to fight in the front line of the Spring Festival, with their professional ability and persistence, guard the city of Heze “air bridge gallery”.Source | public network news a figure posters read | 2022 province transportation work report in 2022, the province’s transportation work conference held in jinan a figure understand | the “difference” comprehensive transportation development plan in shandong province of shandong province transportation hall in-depth study and implement the national comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network planning outline: look!This is shandong traffic in 2025