Landing 230,000!Low profile BMW X1 configuration exposure!The space surpasses the Audi Q3, the appearance is sharper

2022-04-20 0 By

Compared with Audi Q3 and the latest style of Mercedes GLB models, there is also a model is also very attractive, this is the latest style of BMW X1, and compared to the old model, the whole vehicle has a more young and fashionable style styling design, so that this car looks more handsome.Landing 230,000!Low profile BMW X1 configuration exposure!Space beyond the audi Q3, appearance is more sharp, first of all, the BMW X1 models in terms of appearance reflects more sports and fashion style, the style of body shape, not only look very composed and atmosphere, but also has more rich sports elements, such as BMW’s classic intake grille and the latest style of aluminum alloy wheel hub,Seem to be more young and fashion, at the same time, the car also has a new style of daytime running lights, and the latest style of recent grille internal structure, and also have the latest style of front and rear bumpers and thermal design, thus highlights the vehicle movement fashion sense, and in the car on the side of the body is the effect of using a very simple design,Not only is it equipped with the latest simple side waist line, but it also has the latest large size, aluminum wheels, and more refined side surround and roof luggage rack, as well as the latest two-sided double exhaust port design at the rear.And in terms of history, this model adopted the latest light-colored interiors, vehicle gives a person a kind of very young fashionable feeling, also equipped with the latest blue body adornment line and the latest interior atmosphere lamp, and it also has a very wide thick, the vehicle seat with the latest multi-function steering wheel, looks more atmosphere of science and technology.It is worth mentioning that this model will use the latest 2.0t engine and 8-speed automatic transmission power combination, and will also be equipped with a 4-drive system, compared to the previous 1.5T engine, a significant improvement in power.