NBA regular season!The Rockets beat the Cavaliers 115-104!Wood Green Matthews combined for 58 points

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Green scored 21 points, Wood scored 21 points, Green scored 58 points, and Mobley scored 29 points during the 2021-2022 NBA regular-season game against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Houston on February 3, 2022.In the end, the Houston Rockets beat the Cavaliers 115-104.In the first quarter, the Rockets scored 32 points and the Cavaliers 31.Section 2, the ancient free throws, Martin dunk, Ottoman replaced Davis, Tate fouls, a 3-pointer by green ball, small potter shooting, Martin free throws, wood foul, Stevens two free throws one, for a foul on love Matthews, two love throws, Stevens dunking, love layup successful, wade foul and two free throws wood one,Love gets the rebound.Matthews steals the ball, Matthews dunks it.The Cavs trailed the Rockets 53-64 at the end of the first half.Section 3 games, Godwin fallaway jumper, Allen two free throws one, wood and free throws, Tate layup, Allen dunk, playing board, green Ottoman fouls, wood long-range shooting, Ottoman dunking, ancient for Gordon, Matthews substituted Tate, Ottoman stealing the ball, the Ottoman missed a free throw, ancient get rebounds, assists, woodMatthews hits a 3-pointer, Allen gets a rebound, Love goes for Mobley, Stevens goes for Okoro.In the fourth quarter, Green scored.The game was over and the Cavaliers lost.