Only six players in the NBA average 27 points per game, and James is only the fifth best

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There are only 13 players in NBA history who have averaged 25 points a game in their careers, and Bryant is the only one who can make that list.It’s not easy to score 25 points in a career, and 27 points per game is a big name.Only six players in NBA history have averaged more than 27 points per game. Here’s a look at who scored 27 points per game for their careers.West was an early star in the NBA, and his shooting is the LOGO of the NBA.Despite a short 14-year career, he was a star of the Lakers, averaging 27.03 points per game and shooting a good 47.45%, the only losing FMVP in NBA history.When He first entered the league, James was hailed as the chosen one and the next face of the league, and he did not disappoint the NBA.He averaged 27.04 points per game in his 19-year career, and even now, at age 37, is the league’s leader, averaging 29 points per game.Durant entered the Seattle Supersonics as the No. 2 pick in 2007. After his rookie season, he quickly became a major force in the league, winning four scoring titles and being a reaper in the playoffs.Baylor is a tragic hero who never won a championship in his career, but his scoring ability is very strong, 27.4 points per game.Unfortunately, his 61 points were the most in a single game in the Finals.Chamberlain is known as the king of basketball, and in some ways his numbers are even scarier than Michael Jordan’s, Posting 100 points per game and averaging 50.4.In Wilt chamberlain’s generation, matchups had a hard time guarding him.Jordan leads almost all scoring lists, averaging 30.12 points per game over his career.Unlike Wilt chamberlain, Jordan has been better in the playoffs than he was in the regular season, averaging 33 points per game, and he has been to the Finals six times, winning both the championship and THE NBA MVP.