Suining Wanyou Changan ruicheng CC discount up to 3000 yuan

2022-04-20 0 By

① Car free: exclusive – car purchase enjoy 3 years of 6 maintenance ② special customers exclusive: big customers 2000-5000 yuan subsidies ③ ultra low courtesy: Changan Ruicheng CC whole comprehensive Ju Hui 6000 yuan ④ Financial gift: enjoy ultra low down payment 4500 yuan / 12 24 36 period zero interest/at the same time enjoy low interest: 3%⑤ car free:Vehicle warranty for 5 years / 140,000 km (some models enjoy: lifetime warranty of engine core components) ultra low courtesy ultra more welfare welcome to the shop for details.Buy Changan to wanyou, service to the permanent!Interested friends can telephone consultation to buy!