The leading party group of the Women’s Federation of Wuzhai County held a democratic meeting on party history study and education

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Party history study education project democratic life will be held on January 27, county women’s federation of party history study education project democratic life county women’s federation, chairman of the party secretary, Lv Jie chaired the meeting, county women’s federation team members to attend, the county party committee party history study education project democratic life fourth unfairness GeHaiLin, jian-feng xia, wang jun, a line to guide.County women’s Federation leading Party group in order to open the special democratic life meeting before seriously carry out study discussion widely solicit opinions and suggestions in-depth talk seriously writing team and personal control check materials to lay a solid foundation for a good democratic life meeting,Lv Jie notified the county women’s federation leadership 2020 democratic life rectification implementation of the situation, the implementation of the 2021 target responsibility system and the special democratic life before the meeting to solicit opinions, on behalf of the leading party group control inspection, and take the lead for personal inspection analysis.Team members spoke one by one, we carefully examine the problem, profound self-analysis, mutual criticism straightforward, frank, further unified the idea, clear direction, cohesion of strength.GeHaiLin leader in reviews, points out that this special democratic life well-prepared, focus, focus, high political stance, objective comprehensive ZhaBai problem, criticism and self-criticism profoundly in place, there are heart communication, have a consensus on resonance, have a sense of self-improvement, have the courage to self revolution, has reached the expected goal.The next step is to insist on opening the door and rectifying the “second half of the article”.We should strengthen our theoretical arm and thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.We should strengthen political guidance, focus on the central task and serve the overall interests of the party, establish a regular mechanism for studying Party history, carry forward the great spirit of party building, and translate theoretical achievements into new results and measures for all-round high-quality development.Lv Jie stressed in the concluding remarks, thoroughly study and apply to take the lead of the party group xi important speech and the party’s general secretary spirit of the sixth plenary session of the nineteenth, women’s career development, deepen the reform of the All-China Women’s Federation, to comprehensive promote the development of high quality in the construction of a new common prosperity WuZhai struggle, to greet the 20 big victory party congress with honors.First, we need to set an example in raising our political standing.We should be a firm supporter of the “Two establishment” and a firm practitioner of the “two maintenance”, focus on the main responsibilities of the Women’s Federation, closely follow the division of responsibilities, and continue to do a good job in the practice of “DOING practical things for the people”.Second, we need to set an example in promoting self-reform.In view of the opinions and suggestions solicited before the meeting and the criticisms raised at the meeting, we will further refine the list of problems, improve the rectification measures, and implement the rectification responsibilities. We will do a good job in rectifying problems.Third, we need to set an example in doing business.To walk in the front, when the pioneer posture, with only seize the day’s energy, constant dripping wears away a stone of tenacity, forward command, hands-on, a level with a level of dry, then a grasp, efforts to crack the development bottleneck, accelerate the development of high quality women in my county.Fourth, we need to set an example in self-improvement.We should take the lead in strengthening our ideals and convictions, maintain theoretical clarity and political firmness, ensure that our direction is not biased and that we move in step with each other, resolutely implement the Eight-Point Decision of the CPC Central Committee and the spirit of the detailed rules for its implementation, strictly observe all regulations on clean government, encourage Party members and cadres to maintain their integrity and political integrity, and constantly cultivate a sound political environment of integrity and integrity.