The third day said “three”, good luck one after another

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CFIC introduction three, WE say three, in the New Year, I wish you good luck one after another!As the Tao Te Ching says, “Two in one’s life give birth to three, and three gives birth to all things.”In the eyes of The Chinese, three is the most meaningful number.Three, it means growth, it means abundance.The third day of the New Year, WE say three, in the New Year, I wish you good luck one after another!”The Book of Changes” to Yin and Yang to the heaven and earth.If the sky is Yang and the earth is Yin;Male is Yang, female is Yin.In the image, a long horizontal “one” represents Yang, and two short horizontal “–” represents Yin.On the winter solstice, Yin qi declines and Yang qi begins to rise between heaven and earth, which is called “One Yang rising again”.In the New Year of the first lunar month, Yang qi rose to another level.The ancient people used the tai Hexagrams to represent the first lunar month.And because the Tai hexagrams have three Yang lines, they are called “Three Yang Kaitai”.”Tai” means peace and understanding.The image of the Tai gua shows Yang at the bottom and Yin at the top.Yang qi rises while Yin Qi falls, forming an auspicious state of blending Yin and Yang.Like a spring rain landing, moist all things recovery.There is a saying in the BOOK of Changes: “Tai, from small to big, Ji Heng.”Winter to spring, Yin xiaoyang long, there are auspicious.”Song History” said: “Three Yang tai, new but good.”The third day of the first lunar month xiao Nian Dynasty, also known as “Tianqing Festival”.The rules of xiao Nian Dynasty are the same as those of Da Nian Eve.Ancient books say: “The first three days of the xiao Nian dynasty.Do not sweep, do not beg for fire, do not draw water, with the year.”On this day, any house with a well next to it.Morning to incense, vegetables for the well bar.The New Year’s Eve used to seal the well red strip off, called “open the well.”At night, the pine and cypress branches hung during the Festival, as well as the door paper, etc., are incinerated.To show that the year is over, and to start a new business.”Taigong Golden Deficient” records such a small story: In the New Year of the first lunar month, King Wu of Zhou led officials to offer sacrifices to the Temple.To the right of the steps stood a little gold figure with three seals on his mouth.King Wu of Zhou asked Jiang Taigong, “Why did the King shut his mouth?Jiang Taigong replied, “The Jin people are very silent and very careful with their words.”Later, people used to be silent, to describe the appearance of speaking very carefully.According to legend, the third day of the lunar New Year is “Red Dog Day”.Chigou blazing wrath, meet not auspicious.So people think the third day should not go out.It is said that the third day out, easy to provoke gossip.Happy New Year with who, will quarrel with who, so not happy New Year.In addition, the character “chi” means “abject poverty”.So this day most taboo mouth, so as not to offend “red dog”, bring poverty.It is said in the Book of Rites that “evil words do not come from the mouth, and wrath does not come from the body.”If you do not speak rude and calumniating words to others, others will not hurt you with angry and resentful words.Shut up. It’s the best practice for a New Year.According to legend, the third night of the first lunar month is the day for mice to get married.On the 23rd day of the 12th month, the Kitchen God went to heaven and the mouse began to live.Before the fourth day, the mice of every household would marry their wives back.People usually turn off the lights and go to bed early so as not to disturb them.Legend has it that on the night of the third day, you can hear the sound of drums for rats to marry.The children always listened curiously at night.People also sprinkle some rice grains and cakes in the corner of the house for the mice to eat.It is called “rat money” and means sharing a year’s harvest with a mouse.There is a popular saying: “The first day, the second day, the third day mice marry brides.”There is also a folk song that goes, “Early in the morning, early in the second day, and sleep until you are full on the third day.”After a few days of busy, to the third, even if the year is over.Finally, people can go to bed early and get up late to refresh themselves and welcome the new life.This article source: Confucianism, wind Shanghai securities news, Xinhua News Agency, the China Securities Regulatory Commission official disclosure of securities market information media, founded in 1991, is the first to provide authoritative financial securities professional information of national financial daily, has been formed covering the newspaper, website, client, video, platform of WeChat, weibo, etc, in all media finance media matrix.Pursue political moral character, news character, professional taste, service quality, first-class brand, to be a “product” all-media financial information service provider, to be your decision-making adviser, investment consultant, financial assistant.Because of dedication, so professional;Because believe, so see……Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: